Tonight Matthew I am going to be a Baby Alien*

I have a love / hate relationship with running in the rain. On one hand you never feel uncomfortably warm and can wear long sleeves without people questioning your sanity. On the other hand your feet get wet, your trainers take days to dry, and when you put your hood on you look like a baby alien.

I am gearing myself to start my Paris Marathon training and that means a lot of running in the rain (I can’t predict the weather but this is London and it’s almost winter – rain will definitely be a feature) and I have to get used to it. If it’s raining in the marathon I am still going to run so I can’t stay home when training because I’m worried my trainers will get wet.

Last week I went for my first NRC run with Nike after a good month of not running with them. After their mid season break the days of the various run clubs changed and it took me a while to get myself sorted. But I am back and of course the first run was in damp conditions. It was still brilliant as you can see from my massive alien grin in the picture above.

But what is it about rain? I have lived in London my whole life and I should be used to it. Surely I should be more used to it than dry conditions since it seems as if it’s always precipitating in London? But I really don’t like getting my trainers wet. Not only do they then take aggggeeessss to dry but eventually all that water seeps into my socks. It’s fine when you’re running but when you stop and there isn’t the option of changing socks any time soon you really start to feel the cold. Of course this is a ridiculous notion and I should grow a pair of ovaries and get over it.

The truth it that I don’t like running in rain because it’s not as fun. It doesn’t need to be sunny, it just needs to be dry.

*For those of you who don’t understand the reference google Stars in their Eyes and marvel at how TV used to be.

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