Spending the day at VegFest2015

I love how accessible the vegan and vegetarian life has become and nothing shows this off more than the VegFest2015 which took place last weekend. Showcasing some of the most innovative and exciting vegan brands around, VegFest2015 where all the cool kids were hanging out.


I am not a vegan but I have been a life long vegetarian so it was lovely to go to a place and know that I could eat everything on offer. I could buy and sample whatever I wanted and not have to worry about what was in the food or if it was vegetarian friendly. As a result I tried (and bought) everything I could get my hands on.



I really loved these kale crisps. They were ridiculously delicious and I had to buy myself some packets. What I regret is also not buying some of their coconut crisps which were so yum.

Vegetarian caviar has to be the most innovative thing I have ever seen. The incredibly murky reputation of caviar (and some of the horrific stories you hear) has never made me want to eat them, even though I do eat eggs. But this – caviar made out of seaweed – is actual genius. It’s so clever and so obvious. Made from seaweed, no fish were harmed in their making and no eggs were stolen.

I was told that they taste a lot like ‘real’ caviar. If this is the case then all I can say is that ‘real’ and seaweed caviar is very salty – a little definitely goes a long way.

If was a delicious day and really eye opening. There is so much happening in the vegan world and if you are willing to pay for it (because most of these brands are very expensive) then being a vegan in 2015 is actually, surprisingly, easy. But like I said, it’s also expensive.

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