That Suede Skirt

Most of you know which skirt I am talking about – a tan suede skirt from M&S that took over the world this year. It was shoved down our throats and everyone was wearing it. Except me. I didn’t like it and it didn’t matter to me who was seen photographed in it because I would only wear it over my own dead body. Fast forward to now and guess what I am currently wearing as I type this?

Yup, the suede skirt. And I am also not dead.

It isn’t the M&S one (that one cost £199 and sold out almost instantly) but one from New Look, which was much cheaper and with a zip which I am really attached to and pockets which are really handy (all women’s clothing needs to come with pockets). It is actually rather lovely and now that the hype over M&S’ one is has worn away I look both very fashionable and very late to the party and I don’t mind being either of those things.

As someone who is very petite it is long on my but I love that. Midi skirts are my new favourite thing. I have paired it up with ankle boots, tights, and a black blouse. When my mum saw me wearing it she was suitably impressed and asked why I don’t always dress this smart. I am actually looking forward to wearing it in summer when I can ditch the tights and put on the trainers and a crop top and jacket.


    • Rosh 29th October 2015 / 11:33 am

      I did and it’s lovely!

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