Braving all the elements

Jenni aka The Nutty Noodle was recently asked to attened Nike’s Tech Pack Armoury where guests had the chance to try out some of Nike’s newest clothes in adverse conditions. And when I say adverse think of snow, rain, and gusts of wind. She very wonderfully let me be her plus one so the two of us headed to a secret location in Soho (the invitation literally said Secret Door)

Once we reached there we were given sneaker boots and tech jackets to try. The boots reminded me of walking books but less stiff which is always welcome. The jacket I had on had strategically placed holes and goose feathers to keep me at the perfect temperature.

We were then let loose in their snow room where we threw snow on each other and basically had a massive giggle. The snow was still in my hair hours later! The jaets were really warm and because we weren’t outside and this was a simulator I was very, very toasty. IMG_1802

Next we tested out the sneaker boots. One of the most annoying thing about living in London and wearing shoes is that most of the time it is raining and that shoes never stay dry.

The whole point of these shoes is to stay dry, stay warm, and to be seen. We had the chance to walk in puddles and see for ourselves just how dry we could stay in the shoes. The answer is very.

Our last stop was a wind tunnel where we were given a selfie stick and told to have fun! And we did. It was also the perfect opportunity to try and get some of the snow out of our hair.

This was such a fun way to spend an hour. The jackets were amazing and the shoes actually did keep my feel dry. Plus I was in a snow machine and wind tunnel in the same day and that’s all kinds of epic.

I can’t thank Jenni enough for letting me tag along. In the words of Miranda Hart’s character Miranda, ‘such fun!’

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