Happy Halloween!

Is anyone as shocked as I am that it’s November already? Pretty sure that it was only last week all us Londoners were complaining of having to suffer through a soggy August. But now that it is November it means Halloween has come and gone. Usually I don’t give two figs about it (this particular Americanism has yet to really make an impact) but when I had the chance to celebrate Halloween with a Rshape class at 1Rebel followed by face painting, hair braiding, food and drink, I took it.

I will talk about the Reshape class at a later date (as well as their Rounds class which I recently survived) because they deserve their own post. This is all about the after party.

First things first – my face. how epic was that make up? My costume and theme for the night was a dead doctor. I was in torn and bloody scrubs and wanted to look like a skull. However when I had the chance of only having half my face down I liked the idea more than having a full face of face paint. There is something far creepier about having half a face look normal.

I loved the finished look. And then it was my hair. I have no idea how the hair of a dead doctor should look, probably wild and free and full of back combing. However I wanted to to dance the night away and had no desire to worry about my hair all evening. So I had it braided in a Dutch braid (think of a French plait inside out) and left it at that.

So yes, it doesn’t look very scary but it looked very, very cool and I was very happy with that. Also from the back it looks as if I have more metal in my ears than flesh. It also makes me want to do some more earring shopping.

I didn’t stay for long at 1Rebel: there was a party I needed to go to and it had my name on it. The reason I dressed as a dead doctor was that I was going to a party full of doctors and thought it would be hilarious to be the only non-doctor dressed as a doctor. Sadly not many people got it. I spent a lot of evening explaining the irony of my costume. They all thought I’d just come from work and hadn’t had time to change (the blood and torn clothing phased no one).

It was a fun night, a really fun night, and also the first night I used an Uber to get home. I was surrounded by people using words and phrases like ‘don’t get an exec’ and ‘invite me so we’ll split the fee’ and not understanding what they meant.

I hope you all had a brilliant weekend too (whether you dressed up for Halloween or not).

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