Let’s get ready to rumble!

With Esther and Emma

I am such a fan of trying out new exercise classes. Like a butterfly I like to drift from one flower (class) to another (class) with the only constant in my life being running. Last week I had the chance to try two classes. Both held at 1Rebel, the first was their Reshape class and the second their Rounds class (which is a mixture of Rumble (boxing) and Reshape).

Their Reshape class is a mixture of treadmill work and floor / weight work. It killed me. I thought I would be fine with the treadmill work if not the floor / weight work but nope. Sprint intervals, incline sprint intervals, running flat out – all of it killed me. The floor / weights work wasn’t any better. I am working on developing my upper body strength but it isn’t at the level required or needed to survive this part of the class.

The truth is, I didn’t like Reshape as much as I had hoped. I am fit and I have stamina but I found it to be too much. Plus the music was so loud I could barely hear the trainer when she was telling us to do something. There was one point when we had to remove the magnet from the treadmill in order to put it into dynamic mood. I groped in the darkness for ages having no idea what I was supposed to be doing while everyone else was, by now, doing something very very different.

In comparison, I LOVED the Rounds class. With Rounds instead of spending the whole time Reshaping, half the time is also spent in 1Rebel’s boxing studio boxing and I haven’t had so much fun in a studio in ages. I used to do Kung Fu and this was such a hark back to what I learnt back then (though of course nothing really like boxing. I was just very happily butchering both practices with a massive grin on my face). Punching, kicking, jump punching, jump kicking – that poor bag got all of rage thrown at it. At the end of the class I was dripping with sweat. Instead of alternating between treadmill and floor, here we alternated between treadmill, floor, and boxing and I much preferred this.

If you are thinking about going to 1Rebel I whole heartedly recommend their Rumble (pure boxing) and Rounds class over their Reshape class.

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