#HBCxSushi – Making Sushi with Makiko Sano, chef and all round extraordinary person

There are some things I never thought I would be able to do but when Health Bloggers Community posted about a special Sushi making class run by chef Makiko Sano I knew I couldn’t miss it. I would never get the chance to part of such a small and intimate sushi making class again (there were eight of us), especially one run by someone as wonderful as Makiko.

Before we started making any sushi Makiko told us a little about her life and how she became a sushi chef. This involved a story about drinking toilet water to prove her determination. Yes, you read that right, toilet water. But Makiko wanted to be a sushi chef more than anything and the small matter of toilet water wasn’t going to stop her. It was so wonderful listening to her speak. She spoke so passionately about her chosen profession and her love for her family.

She was also an excellent teacher showing us how to make four different types of sushi rolls in the Tokyo way (so the original way not influenced by Western food habits).

I went with Sister and the two of us had such a brilliant time. And as a vegetarian I am so grateful that my dietary requirements were catered for – so technically I wasn’t making sushi but vushi (vegetarian sushi). Sister was very happy to use the fish but I was so glad I had the chance to use tempura red peppers which were so deliciously sweet and moreish.

At the end we were all invited to take our sushi home or eat it. Of course everyone else was prudent and only ate a little before taking the rest home. I on the other hand ate everything and went around telling my sister for the rest of the evening that I had eaten a lot of food. But it was delicious, so delicious and I regret nothing.

Before we left we were also given Clear Spring goody bags which included rolling mats and tamari sauce! How fantastic is that? Thank you so much Clear Spring because those goody bags were epic. Makiko also added her book Sushi Slim and of course I had to ask her to sign it.

It was such a brilliant class and both Sister and I had a fantastic time. Huge thanks to Makiko, the Health Bloggers Community, and Clear Spring. I really hope you do more events like this in the future!


  1. sam 13th November 2015 / 5:14 am

    What an amazing experience! SHE DRANK TOILET WATER?! I don’t think that’s something I’d ever admit publicly, kudos to her. Lol, I can’t believe you ate all your food.

    • Rosh 16th November 2015 / 1:35 pm

      Yes she did! She wanted to be a sushi chef that badly. Such determination!

      Also yes I did. I ate it all and wished there was more.

      • sam 16th November 2015 / 4:33 pm

        Good for her! Her story and determination is amazing.

        Are you going to buy the ingredients and try and make sushi at home?

        • Rosh 16th November 2015 / 4:34 pm

          That is definitely the plan. It was fun and I would love to do it again. Plus it was also so tasty

          • sam 16th November 2015 / 5:03 pm

            This comment is making me hungry….

          • Rosh 16th November 2015 / 5:09 pm

            I really do love sushi

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