Detoxing and Pilates with Move Pop Up Gym and Pukka Herbs

Last weekend I had the chance to be part of Pukka and Move Pop Up Gym‘s #PukkaWellness event in Dalston Heights. There was going to be an hour’s Pilates class followed by talks around wellness (more on all of this later). I want to start of this post by thanking both Move Pop Up Gym’s AJ and Pukka’s Dan for letting me tag along to this brilliant event.

The second thing I want to say is that Dalston Heights is possibly the coolest place I have ever been. It was that distressed cool which meant abandoned rocking horses, velvet sofas, and mismatching bed linen.

I also want to tell you a funny story of what happened to me before I got there. I was early, very early and decided to walk a little further down the road and sit in a cafe, have a drink and people watch until it was a reasonable enough time for me to head on in. The cafe specialised in brunch and as tempting as that was I just wanted a warm drink and the chance to dry off from the rain. Thinking I would join the cool party happening all round me I decided to order an Irish Coffee because in my head that meant cream and coffee and chocolate. Why did no one tell me this had whiskey in it?!

Don’t get me wrong it was delicious and I finished it all but my knowledge of alcoholic beverages is so, so bad. When I got home even my mum knew what it was and that says a lot about me.


It was only then, once I was full of whiskey and coffee and water that I headed on into Dalston Heights.  The whole place was full of Pukka tea with displays dedicated to the sights and smells associated with Detox. We were encouraged to touch the herbs they had on display and even sample them.


We were also given lots of tea to drink before and after the Pilates class. Detox (the one with lemon is a favourite) and Cleanse were handed out. Delicious and warm all of Pukka’s teas are completely organic. They genuinely care about where they source their raw materials from and I love that. And as it was at Stylist Live Pukka were incredibly generous with the samples they handed out.

It was then time for the Pilates class. Let by Maika Klaukien I genuinely haven’t had so much fun in a class before. As you all know I find yoga really difficult. Pilates I am over the moon to say is no where near as difficult. In fact it was fun and I didn’t think any other fitness activity other than running would even be fun for me. Maika was so funny as she told us what to do. ‘I am German so I do expect there to be some pain’ was just one of her lines. As she herself said there is nothing more painful than a serious teacher.

She had such a wonderful attitude towards Pilates: it compliments your lifestyle. For me it complements my running. As she said Pilates is an old practice and it is completely fine to update and modernise it and make it suitable for you. Sometimes all you need is someone to give you permission to change things. As she spoke after the class she told us about how Pilates can help the body and she also answered questions after. She would advocate doing Pilates twice a week at the beginning just to make your body and brain accustomed to the movements.

Maika also advocated breathing however you want – in her opinion breathing is better than not breathing and that is something I heartily agree with. I loved the class I really did.

Once Maika had spoken, Louise from Pukka talked to us about Pukka’s desire to engage all of our senses. I found this fascinating because even though it is so true it isn’t something I ever thought of. The first thing you notice about Pukka teas are the boxes. They are beautiful and colourful and just by appealing to the sense of sight you are hooked (at least I am). Just look at them:

Louise spoke about the Ayervedic Doshas. Derived from the five elements, the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) are the energy patterns that flow around our bodies, governing our thinking and behaviour. While we are all born with all of three one or two may have dominance (you can take the quiz here to find out your dosha) and this defines who we are and which teas suit your dosha. It was so fascinating.

As with Maika, Leslie’s talk was incredibly interesting and a wonderful way to end the day. It was a such a brilliant day and I had such a wonderful time. Huge thanks to the Pukka Herbs team and the Move Pop Up Gym Team!


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