Pilates with Lottie Murphy and Planet Organic

I don’t know what’s happening to me. In three days I have been to two Pilates classes. If I keep this up I will actually be allowed to say the sentence ‘I do Pilates’ without being an outright liar. Last night’s Pilates classes was run by Planet Organic and hosted by the wonderful Lottie Murphy. I battled through tourists and Oxford Circus station during the rush hour to get to the store on time. Of course this meant I was so early I was first (by about 20 minutes) but it was fine because Lottie was very nice and we both chatted until other people turned up.

And I have to say that was a lovely bit about the whole evening. I never usually get to talk to the instructor so having the chance to discuss leggings, our matching Pilates socks, and food with Lottie was really nice and nowhere near as awkward as I thought it would be. Soon people did arrive and then the class started.

My core is a little sore today as most of the class was about making it work hard and sweat. There was also a lot of stretching and flexing with the legs which I am loving today. Running has made all my leg muscles so tight and today they just feel a lot looser. I think I really do need to start doing Pilates more regularly. I am feeling the affect today and I can tell just how effective it is without it being a high impact activity.

It was also a really lovely way to spend a Tuesday evening. Two friends Alice and Jenni were also coming and they both made energy balls. As someone who doesn’t cook all that often (even if energy balls require more squashing together of ingredients rather than cooking) I was very happy to sample the food!

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