Hair today, hair tomorrow

If you live in the UK right now you will know how strange the weather has been. Especially in London. We have had unseasonably mild weather plus winds that can blow roof tiles off roofs / roovs (rooves?). But more than that it means my hair won’t stay in place.

This is not to say that my hair ever does stay in place but now, more than ever, I am in need of some industrial strength hair ties and much tighter plaits. I have never been able to run with my hair in a ponytail because it always hurts too much. And as with every hairstyle I try my hair won’t stay in place even in a pony tail. I can just imagine paying more attention to the drooping pony rather than where I’m running and falling flat on my face.

I fishtail plait my hair with a twist at the front (usually) and even though this falls out it it falls out less. In my head I look sexily messy. In reality I just look messy but less messy. In the photo above I had just plaited my hair and then gone for a run outside. When I came back home Sister’s eyes comically widened before she said very simply, ‘your hair’ with the right amount of inflection to make us both burst out laughing.

I am not the biggest fan of putting product in my hair so have no idea what to do other than more plaits and twists in the hope that they will all stay in place. What do you all do? What works for you?

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