Ab Attack with Edge Cycle and Nimble Booking


I feel like I need to give you all a massive hug! This week has been hectic for me and annoyingly I have had to put the blogging and fitness on hold but I am now back! And I got to kick start my week yesterday with an amazing class at Edge Cycle all thanks to Nimble Booking. Nimble is a very cool fitness class booking system, one where you can invite your friends to the same class from within the same site. For their launch they teamed up with the amazing people at Be:Fit London and are offering a whole week of free classes! Of course I didn’t want to miss out and the first class I went to was an Ab Attack class at Edge Cycle.



This class was half spinning and half floor work with a concentration on abs and core. I loved it. I really have fallen in love with spinning and as I do more ab work I am getting stronger and stronger so found it much ‘easier’ to do (I don’t think it can ever truly be easy). The class was set up out so that next to each mat there was a bike and it was easy and quick to transition from one to the other. In other words I couldn’t use it as an excuse to take a break!


I have done classes like this which are painful and difficult and ones where I end up going slower and slower, and putting in less and less effort as we switch from one piece of equipment to another. For one thing I was restless having not worked out at all for the past few days so had a lot of pent up energy and for another I could actually follow what Jono, the instructor, was saying. This is because what he was doing were moves I already knew and because I could hear him. I know this makes me sound old but surely I can’t be the only person who can’t hear anything over the music? I just know someone is talking but have no idea what they are saying or what it is I am supposed to be doing. But with Jono I could keep up. So from someone with old ears and an inability to distinguish talking and singing, I am very grateful to you Edge and Jono for having a volume control and using it.


I will definitely be going back to Edge Cycle and I definitely want to try more of the classes they offer. I love the idea of half spinning and half something else because it turns into a full body workout rather than one just for your legs.

Also you all have to have a look at Nimble and book yourself into some free classes in and around London. The free classes are going on until this Sunday so hurry! There is a such a huge variety to choose from…all I want to say is anti-gravity yoga. This is a thing and I am going to it!


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