Say yes to Aerial Yoga!

This is the kind of thing I didn’t know existed and I didn’t know I would ever get the chance to do. But exist it does and yesterday I found myself doing anti-gravity aerial yoga with Coco Club. I booked this class with Nimble Booking (free classes all round London this week, go, go, go!) and was really looking forward to trying it.

Anti-gravity aerial yoga is only possible because of the hammock – a ridiculously long piece of fabric which you have to put all your trust into. And this was hard. It took a while for me to accept that I won’t fall and break a bone or that I won’t rip the hammock out of the ceiling.

But once I accepted this and trusted it (even writing this I wonder how I was able to put my trust in some red fabric) I started to enjoy myself. It was a challenging class with lots of core and arm work, stretching and leg work, and a core element I loved. I think everyone in the class had arrived via Nimble so we were all beginners. There was a lot of giggling (mainly from me) and exhaling in pain when something went wrong (again mainly from me).


Getting to hang upside down was definitely the coolest thing ever but swinging on the hammock wins all the prizes. I wish I had photos of that but it was so much fun and just reminded me of when I used to swing in the playground.

Today I can really feel it in my arms. Unlike ‘normal’ yoga aerial yoga has a lot more arm work going on. Arms are vital to hold you in place and hold you up and to make sure you don’t fall. My baby biceps got such a workout last night! I really recommend trying aerial yoga but it’s with a caveat: you have to have some upper body strength and be able to let go and trust the hammock. If you can’t do that they you won’t enjoy it.

I am also now dreaming of a life in the circus because obviously I am now an expert and the aerial world is at my feet.


  1. sam 27th November 2015 / 4:49 pm

    What great pics! It sounds/looks so fun.

    • Rosh 27th November 2015 / 4:53 pm

      It was! I recommend it because it is fun but definitely bear in mind that all trust is in some cloth. All trust.

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