Chanel’s Rouge Noir

I really haven’t been this excited about lipstick in years which is actually quite strange considering how much I love lipsticks. But I have my favourites and haven’t felt all that excited about other ones I see. Then I saw Chanel’s Rouge Noir and for the first time in ages I went lipstick shopping.

Isn’t is absolutely beautiful? It’s this stunning deep purpley-red colour with a hint of black thrown in. The teen in me which always wanted to be a goth but never was is ecstatic at my purchase.

The pictures of me wearing it were all taken in a badly lit room at night so they aren’t the best quality. But even then you can see how amazing it looks.

I wore the lipstick to a massive family party. I ate with it on and danced all night with it on. When I got home in the early hours of the next morning it was still on. And still looked amazing.

Also, as a side note I loved my outfit that night and I rocked the socks and shoes look!

Back tot he lipstick. As always Chanel’s packaging was stellar and I loved the push mechanism you need to get the lipstick out of the tube. There are actual instructions on the cover and this tickled me pink.

When I applied the lipstick it went on so easily. It’s matt which I prefer to glossy and deep and dark. As I said it stayed on all night long and complimented my skin so wonderfully.

Chanel’s Rouge Noir is on sale right now. It was launched as part of Chanel’s Christmas range (to celebrate 20 years of the iconic Rouge Noir colour) and has proven to be very, very popular. When I heard of it the collection had been on sale for a couple of days and it was sold out online everywhere in the UK. I couldn’t find it at all but since I really wanted it I decided to take a walk one lunch to New Bond Street and see if the actual Chanel store stocked it. They did!

The lipstick, along with the nail varnish will form part of the permanent collection so even though the lipstick is sold out now, it will be back. The rest (the eyeshadows and mascaras and everything else) however are limited edition so if you want them shop sooner rather than later.

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