Midnight 2 Midnight with London Midnight Runners

On Saturday the 28th of November London Midnight Runners organised a 24 hour relay run to raise money for Syrian Refugees. At the time of running they had raised more than £10,000! There was no way I couldn’t be involved with something so wonderful. Participants didn’t have to run for the full 24 hours but could choose to do as many 10k / hour slots as they wanted. I decided to run just before midday and couldn’t wait.

The picture above shows all the teams each and every hour for 24 hours. Can you spot me? Here’s a clue: I am the one with no hands showing because I am slowly turning into an icicle.

Of course the cold didn’t last forever and once we started running I warmed up very quickly.

Each group had a bike riding alongside with them with music blaring and pacers to keep to time. What started of as a cold, slightly painful run (none of my limbs were working properly) quickly turned into something more enjoyable. A lot more enjoyable. We were a small group and all of us were laughing and chatting as we ran past some of London’s most iconic sights.


I used to run 10ks all the time and it was so nice to do that distance again. My knees hurt but I was over the moon. Midnight2Midnight was for such a brilliant cause and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

All photos were taken by me except for the first three. Credit for the first belongs to London Midnight Runners. Credit for the second and third belong to Tanya Raab.


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