NTC with Katarina Johnson Thompson

Earlier this week I had the chance to test out Katarina’s new NTC (Nike Training Club) workout, Runner’s Strength and Balance, with the woman herself. To launch the workout, Nike hosted an incredible event with live music, Nike Master trainers (Becs, Joslyn, and Faizal), and KJT.

Nike also does very interesting Train Tuesdays and this was no different. The atmosphere was fun, people were excited, and everyone was looking forward to getting a sweat on. Right at the very beginning we were all given t-shirts and vests to wear and had the chance to trial the Zoom Fit Agility 2.


Once we were kitted out the fun really began. And by that I mean it was photo time! Joss was one of the very first people I met when I first started running with Nike earlier this year. She is always lovely and determined and likes a good chat (as I do too). One of my favourite moments from the evening was dancing to Justin Bieber’s Sorry with her.

Then the workout started. KJT’s Runner’s Strength and Balance is, as the title suggests, a tool to help with running. Explosive scissor squats, mountain climbers, jump squats, lunges, and stretches. I have never been a fan of and never will be a fan of squats so try to avoid them at all possible times. This is why the day after the workout I was hobbling. Squats have nothing on running and my legs felt every single minute of that workout.

How amazing are KJT’s leggings? I love the colour! (I also love the abs that go so well with the leggings).

After the workout we had the chance to have a photo taken with KJT. As you can see from the picture at the very top of the post she bent down for me! What was hilarious was that I was tiptoeing. This is how short I am and how tall she is. Even in the picture below she is strategically bending and I am on my toes.

This is the second time I have met KJT (the first was also a Nike event) and every time she bends down for me. Pretty soon she will not only remember who I am but bend down on reflex. She is always lovely and always looks ridiculously amazing. Plus did I mention the abs?

Once that was over we had the chance to do some shenanigans (I really wanted to use that word in a sentence!) whilst dancing to some of the music.


This double plank is by far the coolest thing I have ever done.

I really enjoyed KJT’s Runner’s Strength and Balance workshop. Because I don’t do much leg work apart from running I would it incredibly effective. I plan on doing it again but I will definitely be doing the workout twice over to make it last a good 30 minutes rather than only 16. It is available for free on the NTC app as are about a gazillion other incredibly effective workouts.


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