Spending the evening in #KidzaniaLondon

Until my sister told me she’d bought tickets, I hadn’t heard of Kidzania or Kidzania London. But after a quick google search I discovered it was an all immersive, interactive city where children can try different careers and have a go at doing things they would normally never do (like make chocolate or drive a plane).  For the night we went it was open to adults only which I loved since it isn’t just kids who want to try out new things (like making chocolate or flying a plane).

Drinks and money in hand we made our way around the massive space (who knew Westfield had so much space in the background?) trying whatever we could.


I think the coolest thing we did was putting on a play in front of an actual audience. I was the mad, eccentric doctor (who looked like he’d stepped straight out of Back to the Future).

We also made Eat Natural bars and Innocent smoothies, both of which i consumed as soon as we left those particular shops. We also made Cadbury chocolate but whereas both Innocent and Eat Natural actually gave us products at the end, Cadbury didn’t give us what we made, they gave us one Rose each (as in not the box but a single sweet). Disappointing and they are still in my bag somewhere, slowly melting and decomposing.



We then made paper out of recycled paper which was pretty cool. This was something sister and I had done when we were younger so it was fun to do it again.

One of the most entertaining thing we did was paint the walls of a shop dedicated to having it’s walls painted. You can tell a lot about me as a person and Sister as a person from our end results.

Just look! She believes in lines. I believe in orange blobs with some green and blue and white thrown in for good measure. The member of staff in this room thought I was letting my anger out on the wall. I wasn’t, I just had no desire to worry about the lines because I just wanted to paint.

It was such a fun, entertaining evening and I am so glad Sister booked tickets for us.

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