#TrainTuesday with Miss Magpie Spy

My love affair with fashion illustration is going from strength to strength and one of my favourite illustrators is Miss Magpie Spy. I was introduced to Miss Magpie Spy‘s work a while ago during a London Fashion Week and from that moment I fell hard for her whimsical, beautiful style. Having the chance to be illustrated by her was epic.

She is currently touring Clinique stores and I happened to be in the right place at the right time for one of her live illustration events. What I didn’t expect was for Niki (Miss Magpie Spy herself) to offer me a blank sheet in the very literal sense. How she drew me was completely up to me – oh the pressure! I never know what to say in situations like this, however sportswear popped in my head and out of my mouth before I knew exactly what was happening.

And of course it was definitely the best thing I could have said. On this #TrainTuesday I shouldn’t be photographed or illustrated wearing anything else!

Of course I wasn’t the only person to visit Niki in Clinique – use the hashtag #cliniquemagpie on instagram and you can see how many stunning illustrations she did.

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