Winter Running

Earlier this week it was the last run with the Nike Women’s Run Club until the New Year. I opted to run a 10k and sweated more than I have ever sweated before. Not just because I was pushing myself (my legs still ache) but because as Winters go it is so warm that layers aren’t a thing I have had to embrace. This time last year I looked like a snowman with legs.

There have been so many articles and blog posts about running in Winter. This, I suppose, is one of them but my only tenant of Winter running is to keep running. However since it’s so mild and in London the temperature is still regularly in double figures I haven’t met any runners who consider this as being Winter Running (with a capital ‘w’ and capital ‘r’).

It’s just too warm out there. So much so that when the chill does hit I am going to find it very hard to adjust to wearing more layers. Any one who had read this blog regularly or follows me on twitter or instgram knows that this won’t be because I don’t have enough clothes but because I have forgotten what it’s like to feel bulky while running.

I am sure I’ll get used to it in no time but I’m not looking forward to those initial runs when nothing moves exactly how it should and nothing feels quite right. Running in really cold weather is like running in really warm weather: necessary but not all that fun. And yes I will complain when the temperature drops, but it does need to drop doesn’t it? This really unseasonal warmth is too strange.

Of course even if the temperature isn’t behaving, the days have become shorter as they should. Running in London in the evening is so beautiful. Both the photos in this post were taken earlier this week at Winter Wonderland just outside Hyde Park. All kinds of beautiful.


  1. janerunswild 17th December 2015 / 2:11 pm

    Running during the winter is tough, but you just have to dress for it! Good luck!

    • Rosh 17th December 2015 / 2:11 pm

      Very, very true!

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