Merry Christmas!

If you celebrate, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. If you don’t then I hope you all had some wonderful time off and were able to spend it with people you love. In my family we celebrate Christmas in a very non-traditional sense: with huge amounts of propping up our economy and television watching. At least we do these activities together.

The wonderful thing for me is that the Christmas break means time sway from the computer and the chance for me to spend time running. 7k Christmas Day run and 7k Boxing Day run and both were surprisingly enjoyably. I thought about the cool things going to happen January 2016 and the haircut I plan to get (I am sure the former will actually happen but the latter, well who knows – I haven’t cut my hair in so long I may carry on with that tradition). With it being the mildest December since the world began both runs were also very, very sweaty.

How epic are these leggings? They are a treat from me to me and my first pair of Sweaty Betty leggings ¬†– I love the print. They are also compression leggings and while I know compression is better for runners, in my mind all compression means is they are really tight and don’t ride down when you run.

My Sister has never been a fan of online shopping whereas I don’t mind it. But it means that every Boxing Day we head over to our local shopping centre (we once went to Oxford Circus – never again) and spend some hard earned money. This year we were there at 7 in the morning and spent 5 hours trying on (and buying) clothes. Safe to say by the time we all got home I was ready for a well deserved nap.¬†That is another family Christmas tradition – Sister, the Mothership and I leaving the home really early while the Fathership stays are home bemused.

Generally every year my Christmas is uneventful and thoroughly enjoyable. Normal blogging service is going to be resuming from tomorrow but I wanted to wish you all a fantastic holiday season.


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