Running (and thinking) through the Christmas Break

This is a warming to you all: this post is full of smugness. Lots and lots of smugness. You see during the long Christmas weekend (four days of gloriousness) I ran three times and did four at home workouts. Pat on the back to me!

Even reading that back I sound smug, especially since there isn’t all that much to be smug about – so many people workout and run every day. You see, I am not one of these people. I try t workout three to four times a week and that’s it. Fitness isn’t my life and it isn’t my job as much as I love it. But while I was at home with not much to do bar watching TV, I found myself itching to go for a run, itching to sweat, itching to work out.

And that was lovely. Christmas Day and Boxing Day runs were epic especially since the outside world was oh so quiet. This year the family decided that no one was going to be stuck in the kitchen for hours and hours so thanks to M&S’ Nut Roasts and some forward planning all Christmas cooking was done by 11am. Which meant lots and lots of time to run.

And think.

Mainly I thought about my hair (strangely since I really haven’t given it much thought before) but I did spend some time thinking about the races I plan to do this year. And it surprised me so much that as of right now I have only signed up to one – the Paris Marathon in April. And that’s it. There has always been one constant factor stopping me from entering more this year (at least so far) and that’s money. Why are all these races so expensive? If I say no to the t-shirt, which won’t fit me anyway because I do not have the build of a man, and the goody bag can I pay less? What if I don’t want the polar bear hug or the fake snow being thrown on me or any of the other fancy things which make the entry prices higher?

Of course opting out of certain things isn’t an option – shame. But I don’t mind only having the Paris Marathon lined up so far for 2016. I am sure more races will be added but it is so mice just running on the streets knowing that I am doing it for free.

Have any of you already decided on exactly which races you will be doing in 2016 or have you left things more open ended like I have? Does the cost of races affect if you’ll sign up with them the way it does me?


  1. The City Fittie 6th January 2016 / 9:49 am

    I will run and run with you wherever and wherever, your spirit is contagious!!! xx

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