And Paris is all booked!

Yesterday I booked hotels and train tickets for me and my whole family for the Paris Marathon. They aren’t running but I want Sister and the Parental Units to come and see me run, plus the Mother and Fathership have never been to Paris so this was the perfect reason to have a holiday in the city of love (lurvveeee) too. It is now very, very real. not that it wasn’t real before but now it is even more real because things have been booked and plans have been made. The last time I ran a marathon I had four weeks to train. I did as much as I could but the priority was to enjoy myself and to finish the race without dying or shitting myself. Now though I can’t do that. Well actually I can, but I don’t want to because I want to give myself a shot at running a good time. This means I need to train.

As last week was full of no work (can it be Christmas and New Year’s every week?) I ran a lot and trained a lot. And I was surprised at how much my body could handle. This also makes me excited to see how far I can push myself and how much is actually my brain saying stop. Long runs are here, and if winter finally does arrive then these will be long and cold and probably wet runs too.

But more than getting in the practice runs, I need to sort out my diet. I really need to sort it out. I eat healthy most of the time. I need to change that most of the time to all of the time (or almost all of the time) and learn how to fuel myself while running. I have 92 days to get this done before the big day and to be completely honest I don’t know if I want to. I love the food I eat, but I know my speed will benefit. Not just that all of me will benefit from being healthier and heavens knows my skin needs all the help it can get.

I don’t know if passion fruit counts as being healthy – it’s a fruit so I’d like to say yes but who knows what the rules are now. The fact is that it is delicious.

Wish me luck! May the force be with me.

Are any of you in training for any races or events in 2016 – I wish you the best of luck too! It’s hard work but fun and the results are often so glorious.


  1. The City Fittie 6th January 2016 / 9:44 am

    I’m so unbelievably proud of you. I wish I could do Paris full with you, but i will be thinking of you and taking notes of places to go to whilst I’m there for the half. xx

    • Rosh 6th January 2016 / 9:49 am

      One day we have to do a full together! Let’s hope whatever Nike have planned for us this year it’s a long race

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