New Hair!

After three years (four in a few months time) I decided to visit the hairdressers and get my hair cut. Before today it reached my hips. The ends were in decent condition but it all looked a little blah. A little dull and lackluster. So today I went to Taylor Taylor London and emerged looking like this.

Hours have passed and I still keep touching it to make sure it’s as Charlie’s Angel as it was back them. And it is! I am channelling my inner 70s starlet and walking around with curls which look amazing.

As I said it has been so long since I went to a hairdresser that I had completely forgotten how lovely it is to have someone wash your hair. Or how pampering and slightly decadent the whole experience is.

Plus my lastest read travelled with me which I love. A full review of The Loney will come as soon as I finish it but so far I am thoroughly enjoying it. I remember the last time I went to a hairdresser I read throughout the whole process. This time I chatted and laughed with Lenny and she was as excited about transforming my hair as I was.


The bottom, grainy picture was only taken a little while ago in the terrible lighting in my room. How epic does it look? I said to Lenny as she was blow drying the curls in that I actually look like an adult and that is incredible. I look like this confident adult and I never thought a great haircut could ever make me think like that. But this one does.

I am looking forward to straightening my locks just to get a good look at the cut but these gentle curls are lodged firmly in my heart. I love looking like a Charlie’s Angel – love it!


    • Rosh 8th January 2016 / 7:04 pm

      Thank you so much!! I love it. It feels so light and fresh.

    • Rosh 8th January 2016 / 8:37 pm

      Thank you!

  1. The City Fittie 8th January 2016 / 8:22 pm

    You look even more stunning then you usually do. I’m so excited for your new look. You look absolutely stunning.

    • Rosh 8th January 2016 / 8:38 pm

      ???????? can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

  2. sam 13th January 2016 / 3:35 pm

    I’ll never be over the glory that is this princess hair

    • Rosh 13th January 2016 / 3:48 pm

      Neither will I!

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