The Equality Collection


‘Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Dinosaurs are for boys and dolls are for girls.’ Too many retailers (and way too many people) seem to think everything can be divided along good old fashioned gender stereotypes. (And as was recently in the news, make sure women pay more for the privileged of all that pink.) It’s annoying and detrimental to everyone and that’s why I always love things which go against this, and especially if the thing which goes against this does it with bells and whistles added. Enter, stage left BOB by Dawn O’Porter’s Equality Collection.

The collection features three Karen Mabon prints in four limited edition styles. It will surprise none of you that my favourite is the midi skirt. Called The Boys Toys Skirt it takes the piss out of the gender specific toy industry with a print full of dinosaurs, soldiers, and trucks – you know, the stuff only boys are ‘allowed’ to play with.


Every single piece celebrates sexual equality and inspiration was drawn from the 50s (the midi skirt of my dreams), 60s (the Love Wins Shirt) and the 80s (the Love Wins Leggings and the Women are Boss Dress). As a side note I would wear those leggings everywhere and to all future workouts.


As Dawn says, “Fashion and politics go hand-in-hand. The way women dressed throughout history changed the way they were able to live their lives. The Equality Collection prints are beautiful and funny, but they also carry a serious message.”

And it’s this serious message which has made me fall in love with this collection. The clothes I wear reflect the way I feel and what I believe and I have always thought of them as being an extension of me and my personality. I love the idea of wear clothes which reflect equality and sexual freedom.


I haven’t seen any of these pieces in real life (the internet counts frankly as real life) but every single piece looks utterly luxurious. They are all made in London and limited edition. I can’t tell you how much I love them or how much I would love to wear them. However they are not cheap – the skirt is £125 and the leggings £95. The dress and shirt are £180 and £160 respectively. If I do choose to buy something it will be a treat for myself and I have to admit that treating myself to something other than running leggings is incredibly appealing. Actually if I buy the leggings then surely it’ll count as a fashion and fitness buy and therefore definitely worth it?


What do you all think? Is this something you love as much as I do?

All images are from BOB by Dawn O’Porter and not mine.

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