A replenishing brunch at Andina

A little while ago some friends and I found ourselves at Andina, an all day restaurant in Shoreditch serving healthy food and drinks from the Peruvian Andes. We wanted to try their Replenish Menu which has been created by PT Harry Jameson. We’d all done a run and yoga session and I for one was exhausted having done also done a HIIT session that morning. As far as I was concerned this was the perfect experiment to see if I really was replenished after my day of activity.

The menu has a selection of choices either focussing on pre-workout replenishing or post. I went for the post and chose a dish with all of my favourite things: avocado, artichoke hearts, tiger’s milk, and quinoa. I know for certain that it was vegetarian and unless tiger’s milk isn’t, then it was also vegan. It looked divine and tasted even better.



And when I say it tasted even better, I mean it. I hoovered the dish up. The tiger’s milk complimented the creamy avocado puree and salty artichoke heart flavour perfectly. And of course everything goes with quinoa. Everyone around the table also loved what they were eating and from the contented noises everyone was making I think the menu was a success.

The chips weren’t part of the menu but an integral part of out meal!

As much as I loved the food I did have a criticism when I left. It may have been healthy for me but it wasn’t enough. I didn’t finish the plate thinking ‘I’m full’, I finished it thinking ‘can I steal Emma’s chips’. I work out a lot and I eat a lot. I should have ordered another dish (or the same dish twice) but we then decided as a group to go to Dum Dum Doughnuts where instead of one I bought six. This is probably because I was still hungry but I regret nothing since those baked doughnuts were delicious.  

 I recommend Andina with the proviso that you order a lot of food. It is delicious and oh so mouth watering, just the portions are too small.


    • Rosh 4th February 2016 / 4:18 pm

      I can’t wait until we do it again!

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