I am a Yogi…I am


You all know I struggle with yoga. It doesn’t come naturally to my body or my mind but I have a marathon to run in April and can’t train because my body is falling apart. People keep telling me the solution to the dismantling of me is physio and yoga. Physio – appointment booked, tick. Yoga? Yoga is harder. Can’t I just stretch properly after doing a run and be done with it? Well apparently I should do that too but no, stretching doesn’t replace the benefits yoga can give. So in 2016 I am going to embrace yoga. That is my resolution for this year and for life because a) I am tired of being in pain all the time and b) I am tired of being as flexible as a stick.

I have done yoga classes before but never found a style or a teacher I really liked. Then I went to a LDN Brunch Club and Yoga session with Fat Buddha Yoga. Fat Buddha Yoga is the brain child of DJ and yoga teacher Jessica Sky. The session I did there was targeted for runners and oh-so accessible for people like me i.e. people who have no idea what they are doing. I really enjoyed it. I came out of it feeling amazing.

Since then I started breaking at the seams and hadn’t gone to a class but then this week I managed to get a spot in the NTC classes Jessica does at Nike Town. It was a very early morning start for me but so worth it. I felt truly amazing after. One woman in the class said she wanted Jessica to concentrate on the quads and that’s exactly what Jessica did. She is also a teacher I like: she is knowledgeable about yoga but doesn’t make her class very serious. For example we did yoga twerking and there were plenty of giggle throughout (mainly from me). My knee isn’t perfect but it is slowly getting better and that session really helped. I know it’s my imagination and desperation but I feel myself becoming supple and injury proof. I really, really hope that I am.

These NTC sessions are high in demand and by the time I got to my desk to book myself on to next week’s session they were all gone, which is a massive shame but Jessica also teaches are more sociable times throughout the week and I think I am going to become a regular of hers.

In fact I want to make a promise to you all. In 2016 I am going to embrace yoga. By December 2016 I am going to be practicing yoga regularly. Already I enjoy it but by December 2016 I want to love it.

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