Skydiving for two please

Dad: Where are you going?

Me: Skydiving with sister. Indoor skydiving.

Dad: Explain to me exactly what that is.

Me: Instead of jumping out of a place we are in a massive wind tunnel.

Dad: So it’s completely safe?

Me: Yes.

Dad: That’s fine me.

Note to self, never tell the parental units when you jump out of a plane.

Also I didn’t tell the Mother or Fathership that before Sister and I could get into the wind tunnel we signed waivers saying we wouldn’t sue if we died. Yes Dad, it’s totally safe. And then I thought: people actually die in a wind tunnel? Just how windy was it going to be?

Skydiving is something both Sister and I have wanted to do for ages and ages and while we still haven’t had the chance to jump out of a plane, when Sister saw that Twinwoods Adventure had an offer during Christmas she bought a voucher and last weekend we exchanged that voucher for exactly 2.30 minutes of flying each.

And I kid you not about the time. Out of everything that was the biggest let down. Two and a half minutes of actual flying while the rest of the time was spent getting ready for flying or taking my child sized jumpsuit off once the flying was done. This isn’t to say the whole experience wasn’t fun, it was, but it was very short. There were 10 of us in the group and everyone flew in pairs except for a couple who had also paid for separate goes and if I ever choose to fly again that is definitely something I would love. Not that I noticed Sister much in the wind tunnel while I was in there: I was too busy trying to keep my mouth shut so that spit didn’t go flying all over the place.


It was such a fun, unusual thing to do and I recommend it. But it isn’t all that cheap and actual time spent defying gravity is minimal. I definitely want to do a real skydive next time.

Also, as you can all see from the first picture on this post, my face looks very strange when all of my skin if flapping up.

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