Knowledge is Power


This is an old adage I actually like because I believe it to be so true. Knowledge is almost always better than ignorance, no matter how blissful the ignorance might be. As many of you know I am training for a marathon and training was going really well until I damaged my knee so much so that everything had to stop. And not just the running, the walking too. And when I could finally walk again it was with a heavy limp. All of this was terrifying. I had no idea what was happening or why. Some googling gave me ideas on how to manage and mitigate the pain which worked because soon I was walking without pain or a limp and able to run 5ks, but I knew I had to see someone. I hadn’t cured it – in fact I didn’t even know if I could cure it and I was scared. Scared because I had no idea what was happening with my body.

I love my body and it in turn loves me more than anyone or anything else (since it keeps me alive) but I wish there was a way my muscles and bones could tell me what the fuck is bothering them this time round and what I need to do to sort it out. Since they can’t and the only medical degree I have is in the art of googling, I decided to see someone who could understand my legs a lot better than I could. Enter, stage left Profeet and Emma who works there.

Profeet is a company which specialises in custom fitting running shoes, ski boots, hiking, walking and trekking shoes and other footwear for active people. But more than this they see and analyse how you move and this was what I wanted to know. Before I even went I knew that my feet naturally pronate (rolls inwards from the ankle) but wanted to know more since surely pronation isn’t causing my knees to hurt. Surely not? My appointment was with Emma and she was tasked with trying to find out what was happening when I ran

After being filmed running barefoot and in my existing trainers, barefoot over a pressure pad, and having my feet checked out I had a potential solution to my various knee problems. Watching me run barefoot side by side with watching me run in my trainers was shocking. Yes I pronate when I run barefoot but nowhere near as much as when I run in my trainers. The fact that the trainers didn’t help me at all was so shocking to see. Yes they were old but it didn’t occur to me that they would be damaging at all. That coupled with the fact that my hip drops which every step I take (rather than staying level) could be why my knee was in so much pain. As one point in the session I asked Emma why this was happening now since I had been running for years and years and nothing like this had happened before. Once she started explaining my running to me the question quickly changed to, ‘how had this not happened earlier?’ Sadly neither she nor I have answers to these questions; it could just be that my trainers finally dying coupled with my increased training was too much for my legs to handle.

Now knowing all of this the next step was to see what I could do to ease the pain and heal. Firstly I need to strengthen my butt and Emma prepared a list of exercises for me which would help do just that but as she is also a fellow NTC app user she added that KJT’s Strength & Balance workout would be perfect for me. As for the heavy pronation in worn old trainers, it meant trainer shopping. Emma brought out three trainers for me to try and as before she filmed me running in all three. We then watched the videos side by side to see which trainers were best. Out of the three the winner was adidas’ Supernova Sequence Boost 8 shoes and I could see so clearly how they helped. I left with the trainers and I am looking forward to going running with them tomorrow.

However more than just trainers I left feeling so much more confident. I know that the Paris Marathon is going to be slow and I have accepted it. But now I know I will be able to run after the marathon too and I can’t tell you what that has done for my frame of mind. I know what happens when I run and I know how I can help my body to stay injury free.

If you are the same as me I can’t recommend seeing someone highly enough. Go because knowledge is power. Go because it’s your body. Go because you don’t want to stop running.


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