My legs are made for walking


If you have a Facebook account you will see that every now and again the company wants you to share your memories. I generally scroll right past in order to read HONY stories but this morning I loved the picture they chose. Three years ago I was touring India and one of the highlights, not just of the trip but of my life, was seeing the Taj Mahal a place I had wanted to see for so long. I look at this picture and love it and the memories surrounding it because even though the trip wasn’t all that great that day was. Since then I have travelled to so many wonderful, new places and as of yesterday have booked two more holidays for 2016 (so far). I love the anticipation, the excitement, and the joy that travelling brings.

I know I am very lucky, that I can afford to go to places and see so many things and that luck and good fortune of circumstance is something I am so thankful for. Travelling makes me a calmer, better person, someone who understands a lot more of the world and of the people who live in it.

I work in an office and look at a computer all day. I have a window across from me and can see the sky – I think some days that keeps me sane. It’s the same with travelling and I love it. But what I have learnt over the last few years is that travelling doesn’t have to mean getting on a plane and flying to a different country. I haven’t always been able to afford to travel and even now there are often better uses for my money meaning that getting on a plane takes a back seat. So with a little bit of imagination I have found other ways to get the same calm release without having to spend a small fortune and the one I love best is using my lunchtime as an escape time.

If you can afford to be away from your desk for any length of time in the middle of the day then I can’t recommend going outside and taking a walk more highly. Sometimes I go for a run but I have a route and a goal and it doesn’t always give me the opportunity to fully explore an area. But walking is different. Walking gives me the opportunity to get lost and not panic (much). I enjoy taking side streets and residential roads to get nowhere in particular. It’s fun and so very different from sitting in an office looking at a computer. Yes, I go out in the evening and do lots and lots of fitness activity but having this break in the day is so wonderful for my mental wellbeing.

My legs have been made for running and jumping and walking. They have been made to do something, to go places, and to explore. They don’t care if that exploration happens on my doorstep or on the other side of the world. Your body is the same, your body craves adventure and jumping in puddles (I once saw the smallest child determinedly jump into the smallest puddle creating the smallest splash ever and felt an affinity). I don’t like telling people what to do on this blog very much since you all know your mind and bodies best but this is one thing that I want to tell you all to do: go for a walk and if you can go during your lunch break. If you can’t go then, go when you can.


  1. Halima 30th April 2016 / 5:07 pm

    I completely agree with you- I think it’s so important to get away from the desk for some time and take a breather. I frequently take walks at lunch time, and if possible, try not to have my earphones in, just take in the sounds of my surroundings!

    P.S. I feel like I’d have the same expression if I was in front of the Taj Mahal! It looks amazing!

    • Rosh 30th April 2016 / 8:23 pm

      YES! I almost never listen to music for the same reason – there is so much going on out there. And occasionally I am very lucky and get to hear bird song!

      (It was! So, so amazing!)

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