Getting my ears pierced…again

I was less than three when I got my ears pierced for the first time. When I say ‘I’ of course I mean the Mothership took me to the chemist. I begged and begged her. I cried and threw loads of tantrums. The thing is she was planning on getting them pierced anyway but made the mistake of getting my younger sister’s done just before the chemist closed. So then I had to wait a whole night and my burning jealousy could have powered a small town.

Since then at 11 I had my ear lobes pierced for the second time, at 17 my helix, and then the lobe twice more and my tragus. I have no plans to stop any time soon and love that because this is possibly the most edgy and fashionable thing I will ever do, I have become an incredibly edgy and fashionable person. I feel I need to explain why this isn’t a case but I am sure there will be a time when everyone realises that like my tattoos my piercings are probably the most middle class thing about me.

There are so many articles being written by women who have embraced ear piercings much later in their life than I did and celebrity ear piercers like Maria Tash have found that most of their clientèle consists of women over 30. I am constantly surprised by how different their culture is to my own where ear piercings aren’t seen as a form of rebellion or something to do to piss off your parents but as a form of beauty and when children, identification that you are a female of the species. Part of me is thrilled that they are getting five piercings in one go, part of me winces at the pain (I much prefer doing it in stages), and part of me is quite amazed that they had parents who thought ear piercings were so evil. Really parents? You think letting your child (generally daughter) get her ears pierced is the worst thing they could do?

But what I love about how popular ear piercing now is (ear piercing parties are now a thing, seriously) is the wide array of stunning jewellery available for sale. I feel like I have a curation of some of the best adorning my ears from delicate studs to safety pins (I promise you that doesn’t make me more edgy). It used to be Claire’s Accessories, now it’s Venus by Maria Tash where everything is so stunning it’s difficult to choose. The fact that they are currently in London, in a pop up at Liberty makes nothing easier.

It’s such a fun way to change your whole outfit and the person you want to be for that occasion. And with piercings you can change your mind – just take them out and eventually they will close. Frankly that’s a win – win situation.

The fact that Maria Tash are in Libery London this week meant I had to go to see if I wanted to add anything to my collection. This time round I decided not to get anything pierced (I would have but the queue was so long and I was a walk in) but I had no problem browsing the jewellery they had on offer.

In the end I left with nothing but know exactly what I will be getting the next time they come down to London. I think Venus by Maria Tash (the fine jewellery range) is expensive and beautiful. I know that once I have them they won’t be coming out of my ears.


  1. carolinegsbm 25th February 2016 / 5:01 pm

    I was never allowed piercings as a child but my mum relented when I was 11. I then had multiple ear piercings, navel and nose piercings. I’ve taken them all out now but every now and then I fancy some new ones.

    • Rosh 25th February 2016 / 5:22 pm

      It’s always tempting to get more isn’t it??

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