Hello Leap Year, Hello Olympics and Paralympics

(We were trying to spell the word B Y E in this picture because it was our last shift and no one was happy about that)

Yesterday was a mixed bag sort of day: my commute to and from work was full of massive tube delays, the google doodle made me smile, my Nike run that evening was brilliant, and when I got home there was book post. But more than this, more than all of this Leap Year for me means Olympics and Paralympics. Even the name Leap fits. I am convinced I can get a six pack and be a record breaking pole vaulter through osmosis and nothing else when the Games are on. I watch everything and I really do mean everything. During the Beijing Games I would go to sleep at 6pm in the evening and wake up at 2am just so I could watch the swimming. During London 2012 I was a Games Maker and possibly had the best time ever. Now it’s Rio’s turn and I can’t wait.

Google doodle

I want to take time off, fly to Rio, have tickets to all the events, and just be immersed in the whole thing. Sadly most of that isn’t going to happen (I have already booked some epic holidays for this year and I can’t wait to tell you all about them: Rio doesn’t feature) but I may take time off so that I can completely switch my sleeping patterns without being a zombie. I will watch whatever is on TV and woe be anyone who asks to change the channel (Sister is notorious for this. She doesn’t ‘get it’ and doesn’t understand when I say there is NOTHING TO GET).

I always associate Leap Year with the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It isn’t an extra day to achieve my dreams and goals, shed all my regrets, and live a happier, more ethereal life (I don’t own any kaftans or floaty fabrics). Oh no, it’s the day when I rub my hands in glee and think of all the events I am going to watch. It’s when I take out my diary and start planning what parties I am going to miss and what excuses I will use because nothing trumps watching people get medals. London 2012 introduced me to Olympic and Paralympic pin collecting and I did become slightly obsessed with it all so I am glad I am separate to that this year (I can’t tell you how desperate I was to collect ALL THE PINS and how much it hurt when another Games Maker got one and I didn’t).

(Look at all those pins….I have no idea where they are now but at the time they were everything)

I would love to have volunteered for Rio 2016 but it would have worked out incredibly expensive and with the World Champs coming to London in 2017 I know I will get my sweaty sport fix soon. In fact as I type this I have just received an email from London 2017…my volunteering dreams are now running away with me. But this is only because in 2012 I had the best time and I want to recreate that, I really do.


These pictures, blurry as they are, all remind me of a brilliant time (and also what my eyebrows looked like when I used to use a tweezer). And that above everything is what I associate with a Leap Year – fun, friends (I am still in contact with), and excitement. Roll on the Summer Games!


  1. HerShoesHerFitness 1st March 2016 / 11:05 am

    I was a games maker too!!! I was at Wimbledon for Olympics and then the Stadium for Paralympics!! I miss it so much

    • Rosh 1st March 2016 / 11:08 am

      NO WAY! What a fantastic Games you had! I was in Heathrow and loved it but would have loved to be in an actual competition venue. Are you going to be volunteering for London 2017?

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