Running forever

This week Nike launched a brand new running trainer and to celebrate the launch they are hosting a whole load of Run Forever sessions (which you can book for here) where you not only leave with an epic goody bag (which includes a Tribe pack and there isn’t much better than running snacks) you get to try on and run with the shoes.

As you all know I have knee problems and am very, very careful with which shoes I wear because I am so scared now of damaging them further that if I could I would only wear footwear made out of unicorn tears and clouds. But, and this is a big but, I really wanted to try on these shoes because they just look really cool and I am pretty sure even unicorn tears wouldn’t be able to compete.

The Run Forever sessions don’t just mean trying on new shoes and going for a run with other happy people (though this did also happen) but this session was about staying motivated during a long run. Speaking were Charlotte Purde (a first time London marathoner who is aiming to go to Rio) and performance psychologist for British Athletics Jen Savage and the two of them gave such helpful tips about how to cope with long run:

  • This doesn’t work for shorter run but for a marathon it might help to break it down into four 10kms and one 2km at the very end
  • Associate and be fully aware at the start of a race so that you keep to your own pace and plan
  • Accept that you will be in pain
  • Accept that you will have negative thoughts
  • When the negative thoughts start instead of letting them all spiral try and disassociate yourself from what you are currently doing (i.e. running while in pain). Jen gave such a good example of a word game you can play instead. Go through the alphabet and for each letter think of a country
  • Planning for a PB rarely results in a PB
  • Clock watching can often result in negative thoughts

I found this so informative and am so glad I was there to listen to it. It really helped to put my mind at rest and make me accept how I will feel in Paris in less than a month’s time. I will be in pain and I will have negative thoughts. That doesn’t mean I won’t finish or that it won’t be fine.

After it was time for the 5km run and the route picked was an infinity route (so the shape of the number eight) and we ran through Soho and Piccadilly and behind Museums and along Regent’s Street. It was a really good way to test the trainers. I liked them and after 5km my knees were in no more or less pain than usual. What I would like to know is if the ankle support the shoe has actually supports the ankle and helps with pronation or if it is just for show.

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