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Recently adidas celebrated the launch of their brand new show Pure Boost X (designed specifically for women) by having the best sort of part – a week long fitness festival with yoga, HITT classes, and supper clubs. I was lucky enough to get a ticket for Faya’s (she of Fitness on Toast) and Melissa’s (she of Fempower UK) HIIT class and I had such a brilliant time.

The space adidas had created was very cool. They had taken over a huge section of Victoria Park and created an X shaped space for working out, shopping, and trying on the shoes. Initially I didn’t want to try on the new Pure Boost X (I am very much in love with my adidas Supernova’s) but it was too good an opportunity to miss. What I think of the shoes will follow soon. First the workout.

In Faya and Melissa’s session we used nothing to workout other than out own body weight and a skipping rope and I love that. I now own a lot of fancy equipment, most of which I bought and don’t really use. Using your own body to help you get stronger is possibly the most cost effective way to work out. And as much as I love skipping you don’t need a rope, just legs to jump and a little imagination to pretend you’re holding a rope.

The session was broken into three circuits and each circuit was separated by two minutes skipping or two minutes high knees. Each circuit became progressively more challenging, for example lunges became jumping lunges and squats became jumping squats. Each move we did lasted a minute only before we moved onto the next.

Image credit: Faya from Fitness on Toast

It was a short, sweaty workout and I gave it everything I had. With workouts like this when you know they are going to be short I try and make sure I push myself as much as possible because you know it’ll be over soon. You know, I remember when HIIT workouts used to destroy me, now I slay them. I feel such a sense of pride knowing that I am stronger than I used to be (and that’s all the self-congratulation in this post, I promise). It was also brilliant that now only were Faya and Melissa fantastic, but that my girl The City Fittie came along for the sweat.

How amazing are Faya’s leggings and the mats we used? The marble effect adidas mat has gone right to the top of my fitness wishlist.

And now the shoes. Firstly they have no, or almost no ankle support and as I have pronating ankles I will always be too scared to run in them. BUT they were incredible and I would use them for training. The innovative way they designed the arches was and is very, very cool and it gave me brilliant cushioning and feet support. Plus they are absolutely beautiful and I will always be attracted to trainers which are pretty.

I also loved how wide they were. I have very strange, delicate feet (especially little toes) and these trainers didn’t irritate or hurt my feet at all. Caveat: I didn’t wear them for long but I did a lot of jumping and movement in them so I am hopeful that if I bought a pair, the no pain would be the norm.

It was such a brilliant workout. Both The City Fittie and I were raving about it because it really was a brilliant way tot start the weekend. Thank you very much Faya and Melissa and adidas!


  1. The City Fittie 12th March 2016 / 10:45 pm

    Girl I LOVE working out with you! You are a pocket rocket! It’s been too long let’s do it again soon please! Xx

    • Rosh 14th March 2016 / 2:27 pm

      We must!

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