Reviewing F45’s Romans class

New class alert! I have been meaning to go to F45 for ages. Zena, part of my fitfam has been raving about it for what seems like years – she loves it and to celebrate International Women’s Day she was allowed to bring another woman for free. Of course I volunteered myself as tribute for this and duly made my way to their studio.

F45 or Functional Training 45 is massive in Australia and their studio in London Bridge is the first one on our (sadly less sunny) shores. Out of all the classes they offer I went to Romans, a class where ‘resistance meets functional movement patterns in a full body burn’. When I walked into the large underground warehouse I saw the previous class doing Romans and to me it looked like circuit training on acid. And I mean that in the best possible way: there was equipment everywhere, instructors telling you what do to, and bulging muscles doing all sort of epic stuff, stuff I couldn’t wait to do, or at least try to do.

What I only realised when my class started was that there were screens too showing people what to do – I can’t tell you how grateful I was for these: not only do I go selectively deaf in new classes but I also lose all ability to retain memories so instructions go in one ear and out the other. But with these screens I was ok!

In Romans you work individually but in groups of three and you stay in those groups for the whole session. The three of you effectively become a little herd and go to each station together. At each station there are three different pods and at each pod you do a functional movement for 35 seconds then have a rest then repeat. Then you move onto the next pod. We covered each station twice and there were three stations.

Does that make sense? Basically there were 9 different things to do and we did each of them twice.

I was so obviously new (I was rocking the deer caught in the headlights look even with the very helpful screens) and thankfully the trainers took pity on me and showed me how to do things properly and and helped me when I was struggling. Their enthusiasm and knowledge was brilliant.

Apart from the mini rests (25 seconds which went by too quickly every time) Romans was 45 minutes of non-stop push ups, chin ups, kettle bells, weight lunges, and bicep crunches. And I loved it. I will definitely be heading back to F45 especially because I want to try their other classes.

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