Afternoon Tea at Momo

Last week my sister asked me if I could take the Thursday off – she had a day off from her doctoring and life saving and wanted to go for Afternoon Tea in Momo. The brilliant thing was this afternoon tea wasn’t your usual traditional English affair but a Moroccan one and that really interested me to it. I love Moroccan and Middle Eastern food and I love tea and was really excited about trying this.

The venue was beautiful, dark and atmospheric and warm. The seating was low and there were cushions everywhere. Instantly it was a lot more relaxed than traditional tea places and I found myself singing into the sofa Sister and I were seated on with a sigh of pleasure and relaxation.

And now onto the tea itself. Both Sister and I are vegetarians so we asked for the vegetarian option. Falafel wraps, roasted vegetables, and cooling tzatziki sandwiches made the bulk of the main meal while the pastry dishes made full use of the wonderful Moroccan flavours. A huge highlight for me was the macaron – pistachio and entirely yummy.

My tea was citrus in flavour and light while sister went for the more powerful smoked tea and I have to say hers was absolutely delicious. As afternoon teas go this one was pretty good. Also a huge shout out to the waiter there who was wonderful.


  1. Caroline runs 20th March 2016 / 8:52 am

    Ooh! That looks amazing! I do love a scone and clotted cream but everything else on a cream tea is a bit meh. I don’t drink tea either. A Morrocan tea looks like a great option!

    • Rosh 20th March 2016 / 4:54 pm

      I definitely recommend it just because it was so different. Plus there were sofas and cushions and you were encouraged to be relaxed!

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