Talking to Spark & Gusto all about their April Box

Subscription boxes have really started to take off in the fitness industry haven’t they? I enjoy looking at what’s on offer and seeing what’ll be in each box but even more exciting than that is that some companies are choosing to keep what’s inside a secret. While this frustrates me no end, because I love spoilers, I also love this – it really is a brilliant surprise. One company which does this is Spark & Gusto – a new subscription box start up that promises to curate boxes full of health, fitness, and adventure (it’s the adventure bit I love because who doesn’t want a little more of that in their life?) When Faye from Spark & Gusto offered to send me a box to review I jumped at the chance because:

  1. I get to review a box full of amazing items curated specially for me and;
  2. It was also the perfect opportunity to ask her some questions.

Can you tell me more about why you decided to set up Spark & Gusto? And how did you come up with the name? 

We felt there was a little gap in the market when it came to subscription and gift boxes for health and fitness fans! We realised there were quite a lot of snack boxes available, where you could get healthy snacks delivered to your door or desk, but we always thought eating the healthy snacks was just half of the solution to a healthy lifestyle – you have to be active too! So we wanted to encourage people to do something each month, whether that be going for a walk, trek or jog, trying out a new sport or thinking about planning an adventure or two!

We called ourselves Spark & Gusto because we think we can provide the ideas and inspiration to help people live a healthier lifestyle (the spark), and all they have to do is bring along a load of enthusiasm (the gusto)! Despite how simple the name is, you wouldn’t believe how long it took us to come up with it!!

What is it about the fitness and health industry that attracted you to starting a business in it?

We realised that eating healthily and keeping fit began to come easy to us the more we did it. We’d plan and cook healthy meals, follow the latest healthy living bloggers and were always up-to-date on the latest superfood! Nutrition and sports are our big interests and we found we were always managing to fit in runs, workouts, indoor climbing courses etc. in to our working lives. So we thought why not build a business around our main interests! We also found that a lot of our friends weren’t aware of the products, supplements and activities we knew about, and that’s when we came up with the idea of curating boxes focused on health, fitness and adventure!

I love that you include adventure as something your boxes provide. What made you decide to do this? 

We’ve always felt that fitness doesn’t have to just be about running or being a member of a gym. There’s another way to look at health and fitness, and that’s making sure we all get outside and explore the beautiful land we live on! Britain has some of the best mountains, trails and landscapes in the world, so as tempting as trekking through the Inca ruins in Peru is, there’s also plenty to do right here on a cheaper budget (although Machu Picchu is definitely on the bucket list!). We even wrote a blog post about UK Adventure Days Out if you need a little more inspiration!

For me running was my introduction into the much wider fitness community. What was yours? 

We used to live in London so we never had a car, so walking was a big part of our life. There’s a lot to do in London in terms of fitness classes, so the week would consist of spinning and dance at Frame etc. I used to work for a national charity, so was exposed to a lot of runs and was inspired by the treks and cycle rides all the supporters used to do! Charity runs were in fact what got us into running, we’ve run around the Royal Parks, run an obstacle course around Blenheim Palace… then there was that skydive… taking part in charity events is a great way to keep fit, keep life interesting and do something good at the same time!

I loved your April box and the variety of items you included inside. How did you go about choosing what’ll be included?

We wanted our first box to be quite broad in terms of what we were encouraging people to do, but we loosely themed it on walking. So the beanie hat, walking boot laces, and trail mix were to encourage going out for a long walk. The resistance band is great for strengthening leg muscles and the muscle rub perfect for after activity aches. We wanted to provide a range of products that could be used before, after and during activity. We were keen to work with CocoPro and FitBites as we think their products are great for encouraging people to keep fit! We were also keen to support other independent companies like Real Handful and Songbird Naturals and introduce our subscribers to their products!

I know the contents of each of your boxes are a surprise but can you give the readers (and me) a hint as to what’s in the May box? 

They are supposed to be a surprise, but we do like to give away little sneak peeks and point towards the companies we’re working with, without revealing the specific products! But we can tell you that one of the world’s greatest marathons takes place at the end of April, the London Marathon, so our box may possibly be running themed!

Thank you so much Faye for taking the time to answer my questions! Now onto the box itself and I am going to talk about and have pictures of all the products inside.


Now have a look at what’s inside.

Looks amazing doesn’t it? In detail this is what the box contained:

How amazing is this list? Spark & Gusto promised a curated box full of health, fitness, and adventure and I think they have delivered. The selection of foods is amazing and it will be coming with me to Paris, the resistance loop is exactly what I need to help strengthen my knee, the soothing balm is also perfect for the inflammation, the coconut water has already been drunk, the beanie claimed by the Mothership, the hiking laces are going to be threaded onto my hiking boots, and the muscle tape kit is something I have wanted to try for ages and now can.

I can’t thank Faye enough for giving me the chance to enjoy and talk about the April Spark & Gusto box. Considering the fact that I am running a marathon and have knee problems it really does seem perfect for me. I don’t know if any of you already subscribe to boxes or if you are like me and haven’t yet but Spark & Gusto is definitely one I would like to recommend.

Disclaimer: Spark & Gusto sent me their April box for free. This has not influenced the contents of this post at all or my enthusiasm for the product. Thank you very much Faye for the box and he interview.


    • Rosh 22nd March 2016 / 11:23 am

      Go us with brilliant taste! They really are – I would love the leggings to be a little thicker but for what I paid for them they are amazing.

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