Yoga on the NTC app

NTC is one of the most used, and most loved, apps on my phone. Created by Nike it is a free database of what seems like endless workouts most of which don’t need any equipment. The workouts are separated into difficulty and length of time so there really is something to suit everyone. I use it fairly regularly and recently have started to use it daily for their Reach and Recharge workout which is half an hour of yoga. I didn’t know the NTC app had any yoga until a friend showed me this one – since then I haven’t looked back. But what is it like doing yoga from an app?

Initially I found the NTC app quite difficult to use – as lovely as it is to have all the workouts separated by difficulty and length, I would love a search bar option and the fact that they don’t have one is why I didn’t know there was any yoga in the app until very recently. It has taken me a while to get used to finding workouts. However once you have found a workout using the app then is extremely easy and intuitive. All you need to do is click on the workout to begin and once you’ve done that you’re ready to go.

Reach and Recharge starts Nike Master Trainer and yoga instructor Traci Copeland who is a level of bendy I really hope I will also be soon. The workout she and Nike have created is challenging, rewarding, and on a very personal level, really helping me strengthen my knees and find my balance. Each move is explained either by a short video which you can access during the workout itself or by a series of pictures which you can see before hand.

Also as the workout progresses there is someone telling you what you need to do but I still use the pictures and videos to make sure I don’t get anything wrong or injure myself.

I am still amazed at how much I now love yoga and this workout is a great accompaniment to the NTC classes I go to in real life. I wouldn’t only rely on this workout because I like having a teacher there to correct me when I am going wrong but there is something so wonderful about being able to do this in my rattiest hareem trousers and not care in the slightest.

I do think this particular workout isn’t for those completely new to yoga. You should definitely have some knowledge on some of the moves because even as wonderful as it is to have Traci demonstrate them to you I know that if I was completely new at it I would really want someone (not going to lie I would want her) in my living room showing me exactly what it is that I need to do.

I really enjoy doing Reach and Recharge whenever I can – this week I have been in Dubai and have even done it in my hotel room! I may even try and do it on the beach but I promise nothing because as far as I am concerned there are some places where sand shouldn’t go. I think this app is a brilliant idea by Nike – and the fact that everything is free is even better. I have added Reach and Recharge to my favourite list and will definitely carry on doing it regularly.

Have you all used any fitness or workout apps before? Any you could recommend to me? And if you have tried the NTC app what do you all think of it?

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