UK exclusive – the trailer for The Wedding Invitation is here!

In late 2013 I had the pleasure of interviewing Rainy Kerwin, producer, director, writer, and actor about her new movie The Wedding Invitation – if you haven’t read the interview then go! And once you’ve done that come back here because fast forward to 2016 and the trailer is out today – YAY. The wonderful Rain has given me a UK exclusive (when she first emailed me I thought it was some sort of elaborate April Fool joke and then when I realised it wasn’t I did a little dance of joy) and I am thrilled to present the trailer in all it’s glory!


This trailer features music by The Cold Start and it’s a brilliant song isn’t it? Also the trailer says the word pussy in a non-derogatory way and therefore wins.

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The Wedding Invitation is currently showing in festivals across America – I can’t tell you all how much I wish I was there or that it was going to be playing in a festival here (the Mothership tells me that patience is a virtue. I just threw a tantrum instead). However, if unlike me you are in America then have a look at The Wedding Invitation’s Facebook Page to see exactly which festivals it will be playing in and how you can get tickets.

The film follows three best friends who decide to take control – after all why wait for Mr Right to ask you out when you can ask him? – and despite a lot of interest Hollywood didn’t think that a movie made by women starring women would actually sell. (This was before Bridesmaid’s came out and made a lot of money.) So Rain decided to take back some control and make the movie anyway and used crowd-funding to help – you can read a lot more about this in the interview I linked above. Now, with post-production done the movie is ready and I am genuinely so excited. The trailer makes the movie look very funny, and very entertaining.

Please watch the trailer above and support The Wedding Invitation by commenting here, liking their facebook page, telling your friends about it – because indie companies work on a different business model to studios and word of mouth is vital. Tweet! Instagram! Facebook! (And other social media!) But mostly I really hope you enjoy the trailer.

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  1. Rainy Kerwin 2nd April 2016 / 5:38 am

    Wow, Rosh! Thanks you certainly did our film justice!

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