Travel Diary: Dubai – Skydiving over The Palm with Skydive Dubai

IMG_8093This was something The Sister and I really, really wanted to do. During our Dubai research we saw pictures of people jumping out of planes and we wanted in on some of that action. So I went onto Skydive Dubai’s site and booked tandem jumps for the both of us. Dubai is one of the most popular skydiving spots in the world so it’s advisable to book at least a month in advance, which I did. And then we waited and slowly became more and more excited because we were going to skydive!!

I’d booked the jump for the morning so first thing we did was head to the Jumeirah Palm where Skydive Dubai is located. The place was heaving which surprised me – how many other people wanted to jump as early as us? We queued and collected our waiver forms.

The Bad

I need to talk about these waiver forms for a moment. I have no idea how many people actually read them because there was one part which asked us to sign stating that we have had our training. At that point we hadn’t so I didn’t sign this bit – it caused problems for us later. (Also we spotted a spelling mistake and that should definitely not be there).

It was while we were reading and filling out these forms that an announcement was made – all jumps were on hold due to bad weather. It was a beautiful, cloudy day and the clouds and dust had made visibility really bad. So after we handed in the forms we waited. And waited. And waited.

At about one in the afternoon normal order of play resumed and people started being called up to go. As we were one of the first slots in the day I expected our names to be called sooner rather than later. But nothing happened. People who had booked in after us had gone. Finally we went back to the front desk and were told that because we hadn’t filled in the form (remember the clause about the training I mentioned?) we had been put aside because they wanted us to watch other people train to feel comfortable.

This would have been fine if someone had actually told us of this but they didn’t. and I can only assume that if we hadn’t questioned it they wouldn’t have said anything to us and have been content for us to get more ‘comfortable’ for the rest of the afternoon. The thing is this was the second time someone had drawn my attention to the bit we’d unsigned and after the first time we had signed it and written next to it that at the time of signing we hadn’t had the training yet. They hadn’t read this obviously and still put our forms aside. SIGH. I was so fed up and annoyed with them all.

Sister kept trying to tell me to get out of the bad mood I was in by this time but it was so difficult. It didn’t help when a member of staff refused to lend us a pen because the pen wasn’t allowed to be removed from the counter. I was so close to grabbing the pen and shoving it down my leggings and saying ‘and what?’ but I didn’t. I should have, but I didn’t and this is a prime example of adulting.

The Jump

Thankfully after this things started to happen. Our names were called by instructors and we were finally harnessed up and ready to go. Excitement was building and I was starting to get out of my funk. We headed outside into the sunshine and then into the plane. The price includes a personal photographer / videographer, hence why there are all these amazing photos of me.

We were then on the tarmac…then climbing into the plane…then in the air…and then falling with style! It was the most amazing feeling ever, the view, the sound of the air rushing past, my heart thumping – all of it incredible. Just have a look at these amazing pictures.









When I landed back on Earth my smile was genuine – while I was flying I forgot about all the crap that went on beforehand and my desire to steal pens.


The Excellent

Both Sister and I loved our instructors. They put us at ease, joked with us and made us laugh as we flew higher and higher. It was the perfect way to get rid of nerves and anxiety. Genuinely can’t thank them enough for being such amazing people.

The Verdict

The jump was amazing! I loved every single moment of that free fall and the slow glide back down the Earth. It was warm and the view absolutely stunning. There were moments when parachuting back down where it felt like gliding, like a bird actually flying. I have always wanted to skydive and I still can’t quite believe I did it! One moment I was in the plane and the next I wasn’t and instead of a floor there was just air. It was exhilarating and fist-pumpingly good. Sister had a fantastic time too – she also got the chance to steer the parachute, how epic is that?!

Skydive Dubai is expensive and as skydiving is an outdoor activity it is obviously weather dependent. While the jump itself is something I am so glad I did, I have caveats if it is something you also want to do:  be prepared to spend a lot of money (in total each jump is 1999AED which right now is £383), and have the patience of a saint. Weather I can understand and accept but bad customer service and being ignored I can’t. I would love to skydive again I just don’t think I’d use Skydive Dubai.



    • Rosh 6th April 2016 / 3:38 pm

      Do it! It’s amazing.

        • Rosh 7th April 2016 / 12:50 pm

          My fingers are crossed for you!

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