#ShortsOnCheek does Psycle and Barry’s Bootcamp

The fitness industry on Instagram is full of people who look very similar to each other – most of these images don’t reflect me or my reality. But it’s not just me they don’t reflect and the amazing Meems (The City Fittie) who noticed the same thing, decided to do something about it. She created the hashtag #ShortsOnCheek encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to throw caution to the wind and embrace shorts. If you have been reading this blog for a while or following me on twitter on Instagram then you know that I NEVER wear shorts. But for the first #ShortsOnCheek event I threw caution to the wind, shaved my legs (goodbye extra insulation), and put on a pair of shorts.

Two events were planned – Psycle and Barry’s Bootcamp. I couldn’t make the Psycle session since I was still at work but I can’t tell you how much the green eyed monster flared when all the pictures started from the session started being sent. Look at all these amazing women and those pins! I never spend enough time at Psycle and really wish I could have gone.

Then after that was Barry’s Bootcamp. I love Barry’s Bootcamp. LOVE. And the trainer for our session was Faisal whose PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is what Friday night’s are made for. His class was a full body session but with my knee as it was I did double floor and concentrated on my arms and core.

I did find this frustrating. I really wanted to get on the treadmill and run but couldn’t (not shouldn’t but physically couldn’t) and even some of the floor exercises (lunges and squats) were extremely difficult and all of them weighted onto the leg which was fine. I can’t wait until I can through myself into working out again.

It was brilliant especially because everyone was on such a high throughout the whole class. Everyone from #ShortsOnCheek was cheering and I for one was screaming the lyrics to Faisal’s playlist as if my life depended on it. I love this group of women and how excited and happy they were. We were all in shorts! SHORTS. And not a care was given. By the end of the session I was more comfortable in them too. The second #ShortsOnCheek event is already being planned and it’ll be as epic as this one. But once again the shorts are going to have to come on. I am almost excited about this….almost!

I love being part of #ShortsOnCheek – I love how inclusive it is and how much fun it is. It’s new so still small but I would love for it to grow and grow. Currently it’s on Instagram – check it out. And if you want to be involved in the second event (currently scheduled for the 1st of May) then send an email to shortsoncheek@gmail.com and hopefully I will see you and your legs soon!


  1. Meera 12th April 2016 / 10:03 am

    Thank you for the love, for coming out of your comfort zone and repping and for being a true friend, who supports, encourages and loves strong women.

    Thank you for always inspiring me! Xxx

    • Rosh 12th April 2016 / 10:05 am


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