Class Review: Bouncing with Rebound UK!


Rebounding is one of the newest and most fun fitness trends I have come across since it involves jumping on a very small trampoline in order to get fit. It’s low impact (so great for my knees), thoroughly enjoyable, and very effective. I can’t tell you how excited I was about this class, not only because I won a Rebounder a little while before and had no idea how to use it but also because it’s a trampoline that I get to jump on as an adult.

The class took place at Slice Studios and was small and intimate, full of other women who were as excited as I was to try it. After a little bit of chatting beforehand (ok, ok, a lot of chatting beforehand!) we all went upstairs into the studio. The first half of the class was cardio based, full of bouncing and jumping to music with a strong beat which certainly helped me to keep in time. Along with concentrating on what your legs were doing there were also shadow boxing sequences and arm movements which reminded me of the aerobics videos I used to do with The Mothership as a child (true story and I will always love aerobics because of it).


Ever since the marathon my knees have been taking turns to make me aware of their presence. Thankfully as Rebounding is so low impact I could do everything with little to no pain. There was just one moment when we started running as fast as possible on the Rebounder which I couldn’t do but everything was well within my range of mobility.

The second half of the class was all about balance, stability, and core strength. I quite enjoy Plyometrics or jump training when on solid ground so was looking forward to this part. And brilliantly on the Rebounder it was so much more fun. Jump squats were higher, balancing was that little bit more challenging, and my core had to work a little bit harder. I especially loved this bit because it opened a whole world of no knee pain to me. If I do Plyometric training on my own Rebounder it won’t hurt and I will improve in so many areas. Win-win.

Excellently Rebounding isn’t just for the lower body – during the second half of the class we also did tricep dips and press ups. At the end of the 45 minute class I was sweaty and grinning like a lunatic. I genuinely had such a brilliant time and I can see why Rebounding is getting more and more popular. It’s perfect for people already into fitness and those wanting to dip there toe into this sweaty pond. It also really does put a smile on your face!

Thank you so much Rebound UK for the amazing evening and my own Rebounder – I can’t wait to get bouncing in my garden / my living room / my bedroom / everywhere.

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