Travel Diary – Dubai: The Dubai Mall

Sister and I took a night flight to Dubai. In theory this was a wonderful idea because it meant we would land just as the day was starting and be able to throw ourselves into Dubai and not waste any time. In reality a horrendous flight and almost no sleep later meant we were both exhausted but determined to throw ourselves into Dubai and not waste any time. But in a more gentle, less frenetic fashion. So we went to The Dubai Mall. And we possibly didn’t leave.

The malls (is it wrong to call them shopping centres because I am not American?) are something else in Dubai, especially the Dubai Mall which was the size of Heathrow but without people dragging massive bits of luggage with them. It was another world full of shops from all over the world (hello Bloomingdales, Debenhams, and Galeries Lafayette) not to mention underground souks, waterfalls, and aquariums.



They also had whole wings dedicated to shoes and fashion. I was in heaven and dragged Sister around with me.

Sister and I had dinner in the Dubai Mall because we wanted to see the singing fountains. We booked a table in The Mango Tree and ran to get there on time – massive mall plus loads of people made it very much like an obstacle course where you have to stop and ask for directions all the time. While the food was solidly average the view was astonishing. The Burj Khalifa was right in front of us and as the sun set, the fountains started to sing. One of my favourite ever Bollywood songs was the first to be played and then an Enrique Iglesias song which I hadn’t heard since high school!

It was a poignant moment since the attacks in Brussles had just happened and the Burj was lit up in the colours of the European Union and Belgium flag.


I really loved this chilled, relaxed day and it was the perfect way to recover from a truly horrible flight. If you go to Dubai you must go to the Dubai Mall. Try and be there for the evening so you can see the singing fountains which were definitely a personal highlight of my trip there.

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