Travel Diary: Dubai – Desert Safari

A desert safari was something Sister was really excited about doing. I don’t know why but I wasn’t all that bothered and at one point even asked if we should skip it (her reaction was a resounding no). So we booked a tour via our hotel and on our last evening in Dubai we both found ourselves in the desert experiencing ‘authentic Bedouin life’.

First thing, it was about as authentic as my third magical arm. Nothing about it was traditional except the food and I didn’t mind this at all – I actually found it very entertaining. The brilliant thing about this is that you are picked up from your hotel and driven to the desert. There is an obligatory pit stop where everyone hopes you swill spend some money in a shop selling equally traditional Bedouin goods, but before you know it you are in dune bashing in the desert.

Dune bashing is being driven on and over and around dunes really, really quickly. So much so that most of the time it feels like a roller-coaster ride. Both Sister and I loved it, and it was particularly entertaining for everyone when my glasses flew off my face!

Before we reached the camp we had pit stop for photos. As you can see it wasn’t a very sunny day but it was warm and I was glad I was wearing long trousers (by the evening it was pretty cool). Of course I had to try and do some yoga in the desert – beach yoga photos are everyone and I wanted to do something for desert yoga photos. After all it’s still sand. Of course I have no balance whatsoever so one moment I am balancing and the next I am falling. Thankfully Sister was able to capture both these moments.

We then headed to the camp where there was camel riding, horse back riding, henna tattoos, and food. We didn’t do much but sat and relaxed and watched as the afternoon turned into dusk and then finally night.

There was live entertainment as we ate, traditional dancing by a man in a costume with light bulbs (I love authenticity), a very good looking man throwing fire, and an equally attractive woman belly dancing. I am sorry the quality of the photos are so poor but I was far too busy eating all the food I could get my hands on.

And I have to say the food was absolutely delicious – I couldn’t recognise it all but a lot of it was Lebanese and the sheer amount of vegetarian options was very, very welcome.

Once everyone had eaten we were all back in the cars and dropped off at our respective hotels. It was a really fun afternoon / evening, and considering my expectations weren’t very high, I had such a brilliant time.

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