Ah injury, we meet again

Since I ran the marathon a month ago (I can’t believe it’s already been that long) I have run three times. That’s not because I lost motivation as is what happened after Berlin in 2013 but because I damaged my knees so much that I couldn’t walk without limping let alone run. My knees have been injury prone since before I started running and I knew that the marathon would hurt, I knew it would, but until they started hurting it was an abstract concept, something I really didn’t think would happen.

It didn’t even matter that I went into the marathon with an injury because I thought I was invincible – yes my knees would hurt but I would be fine. I’d be able to run after a short rest no worries. I don’t think it helped that in the subsequent days after the marathon I was being a tourist in Paris limping¬†everything and having to gingerly ease myself in and out of seated positions. More than anything my knees would have loved some down time, some rest.

All of that meant that running was so, so painful and has been for so long. Today at lunch I went for a short 4k run because I really, really wanted to. I have missed running so much – yoga and HIIT are wonderful but running is my first love and not running became a hole in my heart and my schedule. I didn’t see friends as often and I didn’t go outside as often: to put it mildly it wasn’t great.

The previous two times I went out running my knees ached by the end – and they were short distances (5 and 4k respectively). Today, at lunch I went for a run and there was no pain. I ran expecting pain and didn’t have any. I was even able to increase my speed a little. I know this doesn’t mean I am healed but it made me feel so good to be able to do something which only a little while ago was like second nature. I know the next time I run they will ache and that today is a fluke rather than the norm but it means I am healing and eventually the norm will be no pain. Slowly but surely I am getting better and just knowing that felt amazing.

That grin in the photo above, taken on a bridge with strong winds and just before it started to hail makes me smile just looking at it. It’s a look that definitely suits me!

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