Finding your Inspiration

If you have read any of my recent previous running posts you know that I am injured and slowly getting better. But I have had to ease off the running and change my mentality. Running motivated me to get out of bed, to get outside and to sweat. Being injured has made me reassess what inspires me and more importantly, what I want to inspire me, so this post is all about this – the things which I draw inspiration from – internally and externally.

I have to say these aren’t in any particular order but this first thing I thought of was instagram, so let’s being with that.

Instagram. Good or bad, instagram is a massive source of visual inspiration. Some of the photos on there take my breath away – people doing amazing things in amazing places giving me something tangibe to dream about. What I am getting more and more tired of are the generic posts you see all the time but what I am getting better at is finding people who are posting about different things, interesting things.

People. This brings me very neatly onto people. I have met a lot of amazing people from various social media sites. It’s always a bit awkward realising that you know random details of someone’s life but haven’t met them yet (‘you went to Barry’s last night! How was it? Ah, I should say, my name is Rosh and I am not a stalker I just follow you on instagram’) but everyone is in a similar boat and you quickly accept and get over that. I love meeting my online fitness family in real life whether it be in a class or for brunch. When I meet them they inspire me to be a better person, a funnier person (if I make them laugh surely they’ll like me?), and a more sociable person – and that’s never a bad thing.

New Clothes. Yes, I am a worshiper in the church of materialism. I really, really am. There is nothing like wearing something new and beautiful to inspire you to go for a run or a spinning class, or yoga. I recently bought a new pair of lovely royal blue leggings (if you follow me on instagram you would have seen them again and again) which I didn’t need to wear until two days later. I am not even going to pretend that I was cool enough not to dream about wearing them for the whole time. In fact, all this time later I am still ridiculously excited about wearing them. I still am!

Travel. Without a doubt travel is a major source of inspiration for me. There is nothing like the nervous apprehension I feel in the airport followed by the slow build up of excitement.And this doesn’t even compare to discovering a new place for the first time.

Me, Myself, And I. All of the previous four have been external sources of inspiration. They are things I can’t control all that much but enjoy for the ride. My most important source of inspiration has to be me, and after a long time I can say it is. I will influence and affect all of the above. I want to run forever not just for marathons, I want my knees to heal, I want to build muscle and stamina. All of that is in my power – well all of that and so much more. It has taken me so long not to blame my problems on other people or attribute my successes to other people too. I want to be my biggest inspiration for 2016 and my life.┬áSo far 2016 hasn’t gone at all as I expected but I don’t mind this at all. I have no idea what will happen but I know I will survive it and that it’ll be OK (I say this worried I am turning into a motivational card).

Writing about this had made me very curious as to what inspires you. One thing (of many) I didn’t talk about was the role and importance books have in my life. What have I missed which really inspires you?

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