Overnight Oats

I did meal prep! This is amazing – in my life I have had the foresight to prepare food maybe three times. Last night marks the forth and have a look at the end result. Not only did I prep a meal but it also tuned out really, really pretty! I think when I tell you exactly what I prepped you will wonder just how food-lazy I am (the answer is very) but I am giving myself lots of pats on the back even though The Mothership has spent the day rolling her eyes at me.

Fresh ginger, lime, pear, and natural yoghurt all blended together until the yoghurt has the consistency of water. I (because of The Mothership) make yoghurt at home and it is milk based. So if you want to try this recipe and you are a vegan, then please do use a yoghurt which suits you.

I used a medium sized pear and a small piece of ginger and only half a lime. I think the pear and ginger portions were absolutely perfect but the lime is something I would not use next time. I love the sourness of lemon and lime but not for breakfast. I blended them together and then added the oats before leaving it overnight in the fridge.

See, I told you I am food-lazy, this counts as food prep in my books!

The next morning when the oats had soaked a lot of the flavour and increased in size I decided to add frozen blueberries and fresh strawberries. I was looking foreard to this – I always add frozen fruit to my morning porridge but rarely do I have the time to make it all look so pretty.


As the porridge had been in the fridge the whole night, it could take the wights of the fruit.

And then to top it all off I added coconut flakes and cinnamon! It was absolutely yummy and so, so moreish. I will definitely be making this again and cant wait to substitute the natural yoghurt for other things – I want to try it with soya milk and then various nut milks.

I definitely recommend you try this and definitely be generous with the ginger, that kick in the porridge was all kinds of perfect this morning.


    • Rosh 13th May 2016 / 8:35 am

      It really was!

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