A 5k with Run Hackney

Over the weekend I ran in my first race since the Paris marathon. I was excited, slightly terrified (because knees), and very tempted to not turn up at all. But come Saturday afternoon I hopped on a train and made my way to the Hackney Marshes. This 5k was a free event hosted by Hackney Council all to encourage more people to run and formed part of their running weekend – with the Hackney Half-Marathon taking place on the Sunday. It was a very hot, very humid day and even before I started running I was drenched in sweat.

The amazing and unexpected aspect of this race was how many people I knew who had turned up to cheer and run. I saw friends everywhere I turned and absolutely loved that.

You could tell everyone was preparing for the big race on Sunday and I can only imagine how the whole area must have been thriving! The 5k run itself was fun and I ran it a lot faster then I had intended. But that always happens when I am in any sort of race and thankfully this one was only a 5k! It was also mostly over grass and I think that really helped my knees absorb the impact of running and survive with no pain.

My only criticism was how bottlenecked the beginning of the course was – it was narrow and I spent a lot of time dodging and having to run a lot slower than I would have liked (though about the speed I should have stuck at!). It was also full of non-runners with bicycles and prams – we got in their way and they definitely got in ours.

However that definitely didn’t stop our massive grins when there was water in our bellies and snazzy medals around our necks! It was such a fun event and one I definitely want to do next year. Someone asked if I could be tempted to do the half in 2017 – I think I can be tempted but I don’t know if I should be…

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