Everybody’s Invited

‘I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream’ – do any of you remember that song? If you change the lyrics to ‘My Body, Your Body, We All Scream for Everybody’ then I think you have an epic alternate title to this post.

I want to write about Selfridges’ Everybody campaign (and especially their food hall) because I love the message this campaign sends – I have no illusions as to how exculpatory the wellness / fitness industry is both in terms of race and body type. Selfridges is doing something to try and rectify the latter and I am very appreciative of the end result.


That seems to be the tag line of this whole campaign and it’s explained by their desire to attract people (women let’s be honest) who are already fully in love with this movement and love clean-eating and those who aren’t and don’t. To be as all inclusive as possible Selfridges has created a 37,000 square foot Body Studio and is now their largest single department. Not only is this a massive move on Selfridges’ part showing the world how they plan to move into the future, it’s also incredibly savvy as fitness wear is the only area of clothing making any money – Nike just overtook Louis Vuitton in Forbes’ list of most valuable brands.

The Body Studio is located on the third floor and it is full of all things wellbeing – apart from fitness apparel (from brands such as Monreal London, adidas, Y3, Stella McCartney, and personal favourite Michy NY) there are areas dedictaed to lingerie, swimwear (including Seafolly!), loungewear and sleepwear, a Daniel Galvil salon, and most brilliantly as Hemsley + Hemsley cafe.

The sport bra is my own and I dind’t buy them from the Body Studio but those mesh-pocketed Monreal London jogging bottoms may have come home with me!

I have now been there a handful of times and of course I paid a visit to the changing rooms which I am happy to report were lovely. Each room also had a gown when you could wear I assume if you wanted to leave and get another size or show a companion something you have just tried on but don’t want to show the rest of the world.

My love of fitness apparel is the same as my love of food. While I have so many issues with the food being sold within the wellness industry (definitely a whole separate post at some point in the future) I love the innovation that is happening with the industry. Selfridges’ food hall is showcasing some of the most exciting wellmness food brands out there and I spent a lot of time wandering around having a look at everything and trying all the samples I could!

I am such a fan of Selfridges’ Body Studio and Everybody campaign. It’s a wonderful way to bring fitness and wellness to everyone and I am very interested (and tbh excited) to see what Selfriedges will do next.

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