Summer in the city with BBC Good Food

Over the weekend the Mothership and I went to the BBC’s Good Food Summer In The City Show in the ExCel Centre. As it’s the perfect place to try new foods, discover new brands, and see some of our favourite cooks in action, we try to go at least once a year and this year was thankfully no different. The Hemsley sisters were there to introduce me to cauliflower rice (hello new staple food), I tried some of the most delicious oils and vinegars ever from Yorkshire Drizzle, and was more excited than a bee in a flower when I heard Paul Hollywood say that the new series of the Great British Bake Off is currently filming.

The Mothership and I got there when the show opened on the Sunday morning – the place was quiet and all kinds of perfect for us to wander around, trying all the samples (and I mean ALL the samples), and chatting to the stall holders.

Food shows like this are wonderful for introducing brands and companies I have never heard of before and my stand out has to be Yorkshire Drizzle. Founders Steve and Shirley were there and The Mothership and I spent a good 15 minutes chatting all things food with the two of them. Their oils and vinegars come in some of the most delicious flavours combinations, so much so it was really difficult to only pick three oils to buy. The wonderful thing is that they do have an online website and from everything I tried and saw on Sunday this is the one company I recommend whole heartedly.

Another stand out favourite stall of mine was Urban Herbs which was selling, as the name suggests, herbs. But not just any herbs, oh no – their herbs had names like chocolate mint and ginger mint, names I would never have associated with one plant.

We left with basil and ginger mint and as soon as we got home repotted them. I am just waiting impatiently for them to establish themselves in their new home before I start adding them to my sandwiches and dinners.

Apart from shopping there was also the chance to see some wonderful cooks in action and hear them talk. The Mothership and I saw Jose Pizzaro and Paul Hollywood in conversation which was brilliant. Both of them are such exciting chefs and cooks.

But the cook based highlight has to have been winning free tickets (at the Jose Pizzaro talk) to go and see the Hemsley sisters cook four dishes from their newest book live for us.

They made two different types of cauliflower rice, one was a simple egg fried cauliflower rice and the other has Lebanese influences and flavours. Both looked so good I was drooling as I was watching. They also made a chocolate and orange dessert and flax seeds buns. I can’t wait to get cooking and recreate some of these! They looked absolutely amazing.

I am already looking forward to the next BBC Good Food Show – I love the atmosphere they have created and the brands they choose to showcase.

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