7 Things for June

Today marks the first day of June, when days continue to get longer and the weather takes a turn for the sunnier.  Well that’s the hope. In London right now it’s colder than it has been in a while and ‘sunshine’ is a distant memory. And while it also means we are half way through 2016 (eeek!) I am pretty excited about this month.

1.I am currently in the middle of Barry’s Hell Week and what I want more than anything is to complete it. I will be writing about it fully once it’s over but the challenge is to complete seven workouts in seven days. Today is Day 3.

2. Once Hell Week is over I want to start concentrating on running again and getting my strength and stamina back up to where it once was. Even though I am going lots of other workouts running is my love and I can’t wait to be back in the swing of things.

3. I would love to get a lovely jumpsuit for myself. If you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments below because I have no idea where to begin with jumpsuit shopping.

4. It’s time I stopped buying lunch while in the office. I used to have a brilliant routine every morning where I would prepare a delicious lunch for myself but recently that has started to slip. I want to look forward to lunch rather than worry about where I am going to get the food from.

5. I love Self Portrait and while I recently bought one of their dresses last year, I just added another one to my wardrobe: this white one with a stretch lace bodice and sleeves and a tiered, layered skirts. I want to wear it more than anything and I don’t want to have to worry about tights so hopefully at some point in June I will be able to show it off.

6. In time for the publication of the eighth Harry Potter book (the scripts of theatrical play The Cursed Child which takes place decades after the seventh book finishes) I would love to re-read books 1-7. They were such a large part of my childhood that I want to immerse myself into the world again before The Cursed Child is released.

7. Walk around with my eyes open. I mean they always are but I don’t always see the things I walk past. And I would love to do that.

Please let me know what you’re doing, enjoying, or planning to buy this month in the comments below – I always love reading your favourites and recommendations. Happy June!

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