3/60 at FitMiBody

Even though my knees are so much better than they were (and I can now run) I am taking it easy on the running and trying other things. I was lucky enough to be invited for a 3/60 workout at FitMiBody in Shoreditch hosted by Carly from Project Hot Bitch and Healthbox Kitchen. The 3/60 meant three different workouts in an hour – 20 minutes of boxing with 20 minutes of strength training and 20 minutes of agility and cardio work. What it also meant was A LOT of sweat and ever more laughter and chatting as the women invited were all epic and excited and very, very wonderful.

Obviously I got to FitMiBody early (I am being self-deprecating here but the day I am late will be genuinely horrific – I loathe being late) and the first person I met was Elizabeth, the founder of Healthbox Kitchen. She gave this massive, friendly hug and I knew from then that this day was going to be fun. As the first person to arrive at FitMiBody I had the chance to explore the space and, most importantly, the changing room because anyone else came.

I had never been to FitMiBody before and as with every new gym or studio I judge them on their changing rooms. They were clean, modern, and very spacious – just have a look at the photos I took (including the obligatory mirror selfie!) My only suggestion at improving is having some sanitary products available in the women’s changing room, then it really will be perfect*

The space was underground but the lighting was bright, the ceilings high, and the whole space felt so light and airy – plus my phone worked and that always confuses me into thinking I am at sea level rather than below!

When the workout started I was so ready for it. The atmosphere in FitMiBody was so ready for whatever the trainers threw at us. Some of the women invited I knew and some I didn’t but I know for certain that all of us were excited about the next hour.

Firstly came the boxing. I LOVE boxing. Not that I am particularly any good at it but I love thinking a single punch from me will knock someone out for a week and a half. Rather than the punch itself Jesse had us concentrating on our footwork. There is a rhythm to boxing and it was important for us to try and maintain it for the whole session. Not that this meant we weren’t boxing – we most certainly were. In pairs we practiced jabs and punches which went across the body. Then came the strength training led by Matt, the founder of FitMiBody.. We were all given resistance bands and asked to wrap them around our legs, just below our knees so that when we squatted there was extra resistance. This was followed by lunges and jump squats.

If there is one thing I really wish I inherited from The Mothership was the stamina to squat and keep on squatting. She is a pro at this. I am not and was very glad when this part of the 3/60 session was over because it meant cardio and agility work. This was probably the session I was looking forward to the most because it’s what I am most comfortable with.

Jesse and Matt created stations around the studio and we worked our way through them all. Most of them centred around fast feet and speed but at the very end we were split into teams and sprinted from one end of the studio to a cone and back before tagging the next member to go. Carly and I were in the same team and I turned to her with this massive grin on my face telling her how much I was loving this. And I was!

This was the last workout before the hour finished and once it was done we had an amazing selection of goodies to try while getting our breath back.


And then after it was time for photos, chat, and Boomerang videos! Have you tried them yet? It’s a free app which lets you create short videos which repeat on a loop and are just plain fun.

Thank you so much to all the brands which contributed to the amazing post workout fuel up and a massive thank you to Elizabeth and Carly for the invite!

*On this does anyone know anywhere which also provides sanitary products? Periods don’t announce themselves or provide warning some months and it’s easy to be caught short.

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